Jul 04

Travel Tales – Flip from FlipNomad.com

In this weeks edition of Travel Tales I interview Flip who blogs over at FlipNomad.com. He left home in the Philippines in order to pursue his dream of travelling the world and to experience as many different cultures as possible. Have a read of his interview below to get to know him better. Tell us …

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Jun 13

Haggling in South East Asia

“How much are these sunglasses?” I asked. “800 baht” he replied. I giggled, and said “I’ll give you 150 baht!” The haggle war had begun. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________ Love it or loathe it, haggling in South East Asia is all part of the experience of visiting this wonderful part of the world. When done properly, haggling can provide …

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Jun 10

Travelling the World and Playing Online Poker

Ok, so the poker boom may have receded somewhat compared to what it was back in the 2006 – 2011 years, but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to the online game. There are still tons of value and action to be found online and that’s where the bar has settled. My poker playing days …

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Jun 05

Head to Cornwall for the Perfect Camping Holiday

Over the past few years Cornwall has become an ever increasingly popular spot for tourists; especially those who want to go on a camping holiday. The entire family can enjoy camping while connecting with the outdoors. You must be careful to choose the perfect spot or camping ground to make sure that the camping experience …

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Jun 04

4 Days Exploring Barcelona

We recently spent four nights in the beautiful city of Barcelona and got to experience a small sample of the Catalan way of life. It was our first trip to Spain and we weren’t disappointed by our first impressions of the country. Exploring Barcelona was on our “to-do” list for quite a while, so we …

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May 30

Citadines Hotel – Luxury in Bangkok

Bangkok, aka ‘the city of angels’ is deemed as the nucleus for backpackers and tourists who visit Southeast Asia. It’s hectic and chaotic, it has temples and shopping centers and lots of things to see and do. Bangkok has a reputation for being a ‘must experience’ city place among travelers. Contrary to a lot of …

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May 10

Online Tools to Manage an Online Business

If you told me 10 years ago that it would possible to run a business just by having access to a laptop and an internet connection – I would have believed you! Yes, I would have. Technology is changing at such a rapid speed that nothing should surprise us anymore. What I wouldn’t have believed …

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May 01

Travel Tales with Mitchell White – Bamboo Harem Pants

Today for a travel tales interview I have traveler & entrepreneur Mitchell White. Along with his brother Taylor, Mitch opened up the hostel Common Grounds in the mountain town of PAI in Thailand. He’s now also working on an e-commerce company Bamboo Harem Pants where they are importing Thai style harem & fisherman pants to …

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Apr 15

Photo Essay – Bellesguard Tower, Barcelona

We recently spent four days in the stunning city of Barcelona on our route back to Ireland. One of the sights that was recommended to us by OK Apartment (where we stayed), was the Bellesguard Tower in the north of the city. This tower which was designed by Gaudi between 1900 and 1909 is absolutely magnificent. …

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Mar 30

How NOT Visiting Ankor Wat Made us an Extra $2000 Per Month!

After visiting the killing fields in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we were in two minds over what to do next. Originally, the only reason we planned on heading into Cambodia in the first place was to visit both the killing fields and Ankor Wat in Siem Reap. We decided that we would first head to Sihanoukville in …

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Mar 13

Travel Plans for the Rest of 2014

Cambodia – Barcelona – Lanzarote – Home – Brazil – South America The clock has been ticking at a rapid rate since we packed our bags and left the apartment in Chiang Mai in January. We’ve been on the road since, and have got to see many beautiful things and do lots of fun stuff …

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Mar 08

Travel Tales with Gianni and Ivana – Nomad is Beautiful

We first met Ivana and Gianni while we were living in Chiang Mai. We ended up travelling with them into Loas and spending about 3 weeks together having a few adventures along the way. They travel extremely light – with only 1 small backpack each (weighing 8kg each). You can follow their journey over at …

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Mar 01

Halong Bay

We are currently on our 28 day trip through Vietnam, and I just thought i’d give a quick update about our (very short) trip to Halong Bay, before the information gets lost a midst all that’s going on at the minute! We couldn’t not visit Halong Bay when we were in Hanoi, even if it was …

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Feb 13

Chilling in Vang Vieng

‘Happy’ shakes, opium pizzas and “friends!” As well as the above, tubing down the Nam Song river while drinking copious amounts of alcohol is what Vang Vieng is widely known for. We are not particularly into any of these things and so we were not too sure if Vang Vieng was going to be for …

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Feb 08

Operation: Vietnam Road Trip

Ever since I watched the Top Gear “Vietnam” special back in December 2008 – I’ve wanted to buy a motorbike and do a Vietnam Road Trip. Specifically -drive from Hanoi in the North to Saigon in the South. Visiting Vietnam has also been on my list of must travel to countries for a long time …

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Feb 04

Impressions of Luang Prabang

As most of you know, we are back on the road again, and we are currently travelling in the beautiful country of Laos. Our excitement about visiting a new country and experiencing a new culture began to grow in us long before we even arrived in Thailand. Laos was one of the countries that we …

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Jan 29

Travel Tales with Charlie and Brittany – The Trading Traveler

Since starting out on the digital road last June we’ve met tons of similar people who’re all making things happen online. One such couple that we’ve met up with and got to know quite well in Chiang Mai was Charlie and Brittany from The Trading Traveler.com. They decided to sell up all their stuff back …

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Jan 26

The Slow Boat to Laos

If you don’t fancy reading the post, and would rather watch the video, then scroll down to the bottom We recently undertook the three day/two night journey from Thailand to Laos. We had heard mixed reviews about the journey, some people were of the opinion “don’t do it-just fly,” while the majority of people that …

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Jan 23

Blast from the Past – Euro Trip 2007

I was looking through old photos the other day and came across some of the snaps I had taken back in November 2007. I wasn’t blogging back then so for those of you that don’t know, this was a special time in my life when myself and ten of my awesome close friends embarked on …

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Jan 19

Short Term Apartment Hunting in Chiang Mai

We had heard that apartment hunting in Chiang Mai for a two month period was going to be somewhat challenging – we hadn’t anticipated just how difficult it would actually turn out to be! After arriving in Chiang Mai on November 15th, we dived straight into the task of apartment hunting. It was just coming …

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