4 Essential Travel Tips for Italy

4 Essential Travel Tips for Italy

Italy is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe. You can experience the history, the beauty, and the charm. But, it’s an expensive destination and can put a big hole in your budget.

Here are four of my essential travel tips for Italy.

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1# Changing Money:

If you’re from a country that doesn’t use the Euro, this tip can save you a lot. Changing money in Italy is expensive. Exchange offices give poor rates and take hefty commissions. It may be more cost effective to either change before you arrive or withdraw from the ATM. But, be careful as the ones at the airport are usually empty by mid-afternoon.

2# Spend at least a Night in Venice:

A lot of people tend to take a day trip to Venice from Milan. This is a great idea if you don’t have much time and it only takes a couple of hours to reach on the train.

But, from my experience, Venice is best savoured to really appreciate this great city. In the early morning or late evening when the tourists disappear, you can wander around the almost deserted streets. This is when the real charm comes out.

A few nights in Venice can be very expensive and it’s quite easy to break the budget. What I suggest is to find a nearby place where the prices are almost half what you’d expect to pay in the centre.

I stayed at Hotel Nettuno, which is 30 kilometres away. It only takes around 30 minutes to get to Venice making it a very convenient location to explore the city. This hotel has a lot of facilities and even has its own beach, which means that you can relax for a few days to recuperate.

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3# Book Tickets in Advance:

You can book your tickets to some of the tourist attractions in advance. If you’re lucky, you may get early bird discounts and a range of other benefits. This is particularly useful if you’re in Rome and want to visit the Vatican. You don’t want to spend more than you need to and waste all of that time lining up.

4# Italians Like to Eat Late:

Expect to eat later in the evening than you may do back home. Most restaurants open at 7 pm and they start to get busy around 9 pm. This may be quite a shock if you, like me, are used to eating much earlier. The good news is that some of the cheaper pizzerias open earlier.

Remember this so you can plan your meals accordingly. You don’t want to treat yourself to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant the night before you take a 6 am train.

The Takeaway Message:

Italy is a great country to visit and explore. Whether you’re here for a weekend break or are planning to spend a month travelling around the country, you don’t have to break the budget. I hope that my four tips will help you get more out of your trip to Italy.