Hey…we’re Carlo and Florence.

Machu Picchu

Coming from a small town in the west of Ireland, we are micro-entrepreneurs, bloggers and world travellers. Having started our own online businesses and travelled to 39 countries together, we feel that we have lots of interesting tales to tell and share with the world.

And this blog is where we’ve decided to do just that.

NextStopWhoKnows is our online footprint, envisaged as a fun and informative resource for those bitten by the travel bug and keen for an insight into the mindset and lifestyle of a couple that travels the world while working from a laptop.

Travelling the world used to be seen as a remote possibility, and one that was only achievable by making enormous sacrifices in terms of one’s career and finances.

This is definitely not the case in the digital world.

From Columbia to Calcutta, these “lifestyle designers” have found that it is possible to have your cake and indeed eat it too. We’ve found out that it IS possible to savour the culturally enriching, horizon broadening, downright FUN experiences of world travel whilst earning a FULL TIME living!

The Faces Behind Next Stop Who Knows…


Meet Carlo

salt flats bolivia


With travelling being low on my list of priorities for many years, my journey to becoming location independent has been a colourful one. After earning a degree in pharmaceutical science, which I used in the industry for just a short period of time, I’ve always had a drive to live life on my own terms and not fall prisoner to a 40 hour work week.

My lack of interest in travelling all changed during a trip to Las Vegas, of all places!

Way back in 2005, driven by a passion for poker and merriment, I headed off to Vegas on my own for 10 days….. or nights (whichever way you look at it!). I returned from Sin City to the emerald Isle an impoverished and jet-lagged man, but a man bitten badly by the travel bug and all the wanderlust it entails.

I had caught the travel bug bad, and it had to be fed quickly.

I then travelled sporadically over the years that followed, and decided that setting up an online business was an absolute must if I wanted to stay on the road and have the lifestyle freedom that I wanted.

And Florence

Iguazzu falls

I could be called a seasoned traveller I suppose 🙂

I’ve always had a desire to live in a foreign country but, with very little knowledge of online technology, I found it difficult to foresee how I could sustain a life of extended travel and working remotely.

With Carlo having started an online freelance writing company that was becoming quite successful, I took the leap of faith and quit my childcare job in 2013 to travel the world and follow my passions of learning new things, meeting new people and exploring different cultures and countries.

Having always shied from what society expects of young 20-something-year-old couples today, I was happy to ditch the so-called ‘American Dream’ and live an alternative lifestyle of travel and entrepreneurship.

And having walked on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, trekked to Macchu Picchu and cycled down the world’s most dangerous road in the past year alone, I haven’t looked back!

Our Story

In July 2013, we set off on a one way ticket to Thailand to embark on an exciting new adventure – an adventure that combined travel, entrepreneurship and fun into one big bag of awesome. We’ve been location independent ever since, building our portfolio of online businesses from a range of exotic locations whilst creating memories that will stay with us forever.

We’ve been a couple for 10 years and although travelling and working together can sometimes drive us a little damn crazy, the pluses of travelling as a couple far outweigh the minuses.

What our Site Offers

Explore this site for posts detailing the “nuts and bolts” of setting up and running an online business from anywhere you choose. You’ll also find informative pieces detailing some of the interesting places that we’ve visited.

Everything you need for inspiration will be covered, from guest posts and interviews with other successful travel bloggers to more philosophical material exploring mindset and cultural reflections.

Again, welcome to Next Stop Who Knows and we look forward to taking you on this awesome ride with us!


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