5 Reasons Why Trekking to Everest Should Be on Your Bucket List

Imagine the feeling if you could scale the world’s tallest mountain. Think about it for a moment. Join the likes of Sir Edmund Hillary who famously ascended to the summit in 1953 with Tenzing Norgay. Towering at 8,842 meters, that’s almost the same height an aeroplane flies at!

everest base camp trek

Not everyone who tries to climb Everest reaches the summit. And you don’t need to. After all, the weather is too unpredictable and health issues can become a problem. Fatal accidents happen all of the time.

trekking to Everest

But, reaching Base Camp at 5,300 meters is a great achievement in itself. How many people do you know that’s actually managed to do it? People dream and fail to act. Don’t be like them.

Here are five reasons why you should put trekking to Everest on your bucket list.

1# The Greatest of Accomplishments:

Marathon runners know this feeling. The euphoria when you cross the finishing line is out of this world. Reaching Base Camp is the same. Doing something that most can’t is awesome. You’ll reflect back and see it as one of your greatest life accomplishments. When you reach it, no one can ever take it away.

2# The Sense of Adventure:

When you’re climbing Everest, there are no rules. You don’t have to worry about filing tax returns or meeting deadlines at work. You’re a free spirit. It just you and Mother Nature. The sense of risk and danger is intoxicating. You’re faced with steep climbs and even steeper drops. This is the ultimate thrill seeking adventure.

3# The Challenge:

This is tough. A typical Everest Base Camp Trek takes at least 12 days. It’s not 12 days of relaxing around a pool or enjoying the alpine terrain. You’re walking for hours each day battling against what Everest wants to throw at you.

4# The Scenery:

It goes without saying that the views will be unforgettable. This part of the world has four of the six tallest mountains. The views become more spectacular with every day that passes. And, the higher you climb, the more remote it starts to get giving you a true connection with nature.

5# Experience the Spectacular:

You’re trekking through the Himalayas. But did you know that it’s not just about climbing mountains? You’ll get to meet and experience the Sherpas and their unique culture. It’s also humbling to pass through the remote villages and see the monasteries.

Everest Trek

How Can I Trek to Everest Base Camp?

The good news is that it’s now easier than ever to get to Base Camp. Long gone are the days where expeditions took months and months to get to Everest. Several tour companies offer packages where they provide everything from accommodation to guides. All you have to do is turn up.

Are you fit and do you have experience with mountaineering? If so, it’s possible to trek to Base Camp within just two or three weeks.

Concluding Remarks:

I hope this article has convinced you that trekking to Everest should be part of any adventurer’s bucket list. Just think about the sense of achievement, the unforgettable experiences, and looking back one day when you’re old and remembering it all.