Exploring the Backwaters of Kerala

In the southern state of India, lying parallel to the Arabian seacoast is the mystical water world of Kerala. The network includes five large lakes, all intertwining by both natural and man-made canals. The waterways are all interconnected and feed into nearly forty different rivers. The backwaters of Kerala truly are a tropical labyrinth!

backwaters of Kerala
Still very much in it’s traditional demographic, Kerala operates much like it has for the last fifty years. With the lack of change and influence by the Western World, the state offers a type of innocence in simplistic living.

Happy faces upon brightly coloured, beaded fabrics walk along the riverside. The morning chores are carried on by the music of the birds and flowing river.

backwaters of Kerala

You can see women washing their clothes upon the stones, scrubbing and slapping the wet fabric against the sides, to a rhythmic punch, all in tune with the natural surrounding.

Roosters are carrying on, motorboats are humming by, and all while you sit upon your serene kettuvallam (houseboat) and enjoy life pass you by.

Your kettuvallam is in the heart of the light that is Kerala, the watery Jungle maze. They were traditionally used as grain barges, transporting rice that was grown in the fields alongside the backwaters.

backwaters in india

Historically, the boats were used to house to royalty. This is a unique opportunity to experience a bit of traditional Kerala history.

Tourists from all over the world gather to watch the Vallum Kali. Which directly translates, to “boat game.” It is a traditional boat race where both men and women compete.

boat on the backwaters

They use paddled war canoes to swiftly, and in unison, race along the river. The canoes gallop rhythmically while the crowd cheers. It is truly an exciting spectacle, full of heart!

With each curve of the river, the landscape takes you to a new, unexplored piece of historic India. The labyrinth is a unique ecosystem. The freshwater from the rivers meet the Arabian Sea in a harmonious gathering.

backwaters of Kerala

In some locations, there are barrages that have been built as to protect the freshwater from contaminating the salt water. The freshwater is an extremely important part of life, as it is extensively used for irrigation purposes.

The people of Kerala speak the Malayalam language. They have very distinctive cultural and religious traditions. Kathakali is a very popular form of art. It is a type of stylised classical Indian dramatic dance. It is recognized through the attractive and ornate makeup, costumes and detailed gestures.

backwaters india

The different forms of percussion are a heavy influence on the performance. They compliment the ornamented dance movements.

The backwaters of Kerala have been dubbed one of the top places to visit in your lifetime. It is a prime location to explore and unravel a world that is rich in cultural diversity.

chilling on the backwaters

Watch and appreciate the swirls of dancing morning fog, waltzing around the majestic mangrove and palm trees. It is a place of true peace and the beauty that is India.

backwaters in india

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