Horse Racing Around the World for Every Occasion

Most people see horse racing as an elite sport, something that is only attended by the wealthy and astute upper class. A day out to drink champagne, mingle and make even more money on the horses. While there are many luxurious horse races around the world, there are hundreds of races all over the world that can cater for every taste and budget level.

grand national festival

Have a look at this list of just some of the races around the world that all have something unique to offer:

For the luxurious

Prix de L’Arc De Triomphe, Paris

If it’s glamour that you are looking for in a horse racing event, then head off to Chantilly, which is just north of Paris. While the event has always been luxurious, the recent sponsorship from the Qatar Racing and Equestrian club has doubled the prize money. This increase in winnings had a significant impact on the spectators that attend and you will rub shoulder with singers, actors and other celebs for sure. This is one event that you want to remember your most stylish outfit for. Revellers drink champagne, watch the 15 prestigious races and enjoy the high octane performances that are synonymous with the event.

For a party

The Grand National, UK

The Grand National event takes place every year at Aintree Racecourse, which is close to Liverpool. The event is one of the most highly anticipated in the UK, and year after year thousands of spectators pitch up for the Opening Day, a combination of glamour, drinks, party goers and everything in between. William Hill Grand National betting offers are off the charts at the Grand National and many people attend to put bets in the hope of a big win. This is also a steeplechase event, which makes a nice change in routine and spectators can expect fierce rivalry between some of the world’s best trainers, riders and horses.

For an island adventure

Champ de Mars, Mauritius

If you are going to travel to see a horse race then it may as well be to an exotic island destination that you can make an epic holiday out of. Horse racing has long been a favourite in the beautiful island of Mauritius, which is better known for its azure seas and white beaches – but which hosts exciting and unique racing events at the Champs de Mars racecourse. These races aren’t glamorous but they are exciting, different and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will get nowhere else.

For a desert safari

Qatar, Middle East

If you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary then head over to Qatar and watch the 120 kilometre endurance races through the desert. They are a long held tradition in the Middle East and much prestige is attached to the event – and you’ll see Saudi princes and other royalty owning horses, riding horses and betting on the race on just a normal day. They take great pride in their Arabian horses and despite the gruelling nature of the race – the horses are looked after by a team of grooms and vets as soon as they finish the race. This is a racing experience that simply can’t be missed.