Never Been On A Cruise Vacation? You’re missing out!

Never Been On A Cruise Vacation? You’re missing out!

Ever wondered why cruise holidays have more satisfied holidaymakers than any other vacation experience? For those who have never sailed the seven seas, we’ve put together 5 reasons why you might just be missing out.

They’re affordable

The price of a cruise includes everything from accommodation to food, entertainment and your daily excursions. With all needs catered for and no unexpected costs, cruises offer great value for money. You can also budget ahead of time, knowing exactly what will be spent for the duration of your trip. When you consider your all-inclusive status, the price can be far cheaper than booking hotels, restaurants and activities on dry land.


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Explore multiple countries

It’s not only affordable but you’ll also have the opportunity to see far more than on a traditional holiday. All the stress of planning schedules or arranging transport is done for you. Simply unpack once onboard and you’ll wake up in a new exciting destination every day. Some itineraries cover European cities whilst others offer island hopping in the Caribbean sun. Whatever your preference, on a cruise you can visit all the countries on your bucket list.

It’s great for families

From child-friendly pools to full-size cinemas and luxury spas, there’s something to suit all ages. Many cruise liners also include a kid’s and teen’s club, keeping the children occupied if you’re wanting to relax or enjoy some of the adult facilities. Some cruise liners even offer discounted rates for children or they may even sail for free if sharing a cabin with mum and dad.


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It’s also perfect for couples

Are you looking to rekindle the romance? As well as special packages for weddings and honeymoons, cruise lines also offer great offers on vow renewals. Traveling by sea provides the perfect setting for a romantic break for two. Relax on deck in the evening and marvel at the twinkling night sky or enjoy an intimate meal at one of the adult only venues. There’s also dancing and live shows providing entertainment late into the evening.

There are plenty of options

With a whole range of different sized ships all offering something unique, the difference between cruise liners is huge. Many are like floating cities providing an impressive array of facilities for those who like to keep busy. Alternatively, you could choose a smaller vessel which holds less passengers, providing a more exclusive service. There are even expedition ships which travel to remote regions of Antarctica for the intrepid explorer. Whatever your preference, you’ll have no shortage of options.

If you’re a first time cruise-goer, you can be guaranteed an unforgettable experience that will rival any conventional holiday.