Setting off tomorrow!

The time has finally arrived! After an almost unbearable last few months of waiting, researching and what not, the trip starts tomorrow. I’ve already described the bones of the trip in a recent post so I won’t start repeating myself.

Nothing has changed in the itinerary but it now looks very possible that we shall be hitting the east coast of Australia around Sept/Oct for a 3 week road trip in a campervan! Probably do Melbourne to Adelaide or Brisbane to Melbourne. This will certainly be a holiday during a holiday for sure!

The past few months has mainly consisted of organising this and that. While the trip is a 99% open book deal, I still wanted to rigorously research stuff as I just like been prepared as best I can.
The backpack has been sitting in my room the past few weeks looking at me, waiting to be filled but I refuse to give in until the last minute. That’s not to say that I haven’t everything sored – in actual fact I’d my gear/clothes etc sorted and fine tuned since March using a very useful iphone app called “Packing Pro”! A little OTT? Maybe, but that’s the way I roll! I like to be prepared. Florence on the other hand has started to panic over what to bring and not bring. Smile

I’ve really skimmed down on the amount of clothes that I’m bringing with me. Even less than I brought for the 3 month African trip. Again its amazing how you get more travel wise the more you travel. I certainly don’t like the idea of travelling around for months with a heavy backpack, so going by the saying Light = right, then lighter = righter!

Instead of a big SLR, I decided to bring something that would take very decent photos and yet allow me to get creative with the photo side of things. The Canon G12 is smaller and lighter than my Nikon D80 SLR so this is my weapon of choice for this battle.

The netbook is jammed packed with literally hundreds of movies and tv shows which I’ve added to the past few months and also thanks to Ivan Lynn for filling up an external hard drive with more stuff. This will certainly help on those endless bus/train journeys for sure. My Ereader is also jammed with enough reading material to last me until 20 years and the iphone has plenty of games and other stuff to keep me occupied. Florence got an iphone at Christmas and I think she now realises how valuable an accessory it will be while away.

So to finish off I’ll include a few photos of my gear that will be with me for the duration of the trip.