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How we make a full-time income online

6 figure business

3 factors that helped us achieve a 6-figure business year in 2015

trusted housesitters

Ultimate guide to setting up your Trusted House-Sitters Profile


Things to do in Cappadocia, Turkey

Travel & Adventure

songkran festival thailand

Songkran: The worlds biggest water fight

Packing for a long trip

The dilemma of packing for a long trip

Vietnam Road Trip

Operation: Vietnam road trip

salf flats uyuni

Exploring the salt flats of Bolivia


2 years of full time travel

A look back: 2 years of full-time travel

positivity in life

Appreciating the positivity in life

Living an alternative lifestyle

Living an alternative lifestyle

1 year on the road – A review

Online business & Entrepreneurship

How to apply a poker mindset to your business

How to apply a poker mindset to your business

productive while travelling

How to stay productive with work while travelling

online tools to manage an online business

Online tools to run an online business

creating an online business

Creating an online business

Interviews & Media

The Irish Sun – It is possible to live the dream life of travel… and business

Huffingtonpost – Ireland’s Top 10 Travel Bloggers

Snapchat Stars

FounderFM Podcast – Speaking about online entrepreneurship and lifestyle design

Journalist on the Run – Top Irish Travel Bloggers of 2016

IMDB: Moone Boy 

GettingStamped.com – Top 10 travel bloggers on snapchat to follow

OpenWorldMag  – 7-Step Action Plan to Peak Productivity While Traveling Full-Time

JohnnyJet.com – 10 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat in 2016

Orbitz.com – 9 Travel Snapchatters You’d Be Crazy Not To Follow

Travel Yourself – Travel bloggers best tips for using Snapchat

Don’t Stop Living: World Travellers

Location180 – 10 Incredible Offices from Location Rebel Members

SEOwritingjobs.com – How an Irish couple earns 10k/month from their online business

Travel Blogger Interview

Top 100 Travel Expert List

Love On The Road Interview: 5 questions to 5 digital nomad couples 

Meet the Nomads Interview

Influencer of the Week Interview

OpenWorldMag – Escape the Rat Race: 15 Location-Independent Experts Share How they Work and Travel

Breifne Earley Podcast 

Location180 – 6 things no one tells you about running a business while travelling full time

Hustle and Groove – What’s Inside a Freelancer’s Suitcase?

Travelling King

Podcast Interview: Barefoot Journal Radio

Untamed Writing – Making 5 Figures a Month Through A Writing Biz — Without Writing Anything!

Don’t Remain a Tadpole – Top 3 Digital Nomads That Will Inspire You

First Site Guide 

Sligo Champion

Global Gallivanting 

Love & Road – Why live in Chiang Mai? The home of Expats & Digital Nomads

Podcast Interview: Success Habor 

Travel Trolley

Niche Hacks

Journalist on the Run 



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