Superglue is a Surprisingly Important Addition to Your Travel Backpack

Having visited more than 70 countries over the years, our experience has allowed us to be more prepared than most travellers. We’ve hit bumps along the way, experienced problems that we have quickly had to solve, and learned what we need to pack to make our next journey seamless and simple.

One of the things we quickly discovered was how easy it is for important equipment to break. If you’re using walking a lot, carrying lots of equipment or baggage in backpacks, or using different various pieces of equipment during your adventures, you should consider packing some super glue. It’s saved us so many times!

The Power of Super Glue

Don’t underestimate the importance of high-performance products when travelling. Super glue products can mend and seal broken equipment that is essential for your journey.

Use a good super glue and it’s easy to penetrate hard-to-bond cracks on non-porous surfaces. So if your goggles are broken for instance, a super glue liquid can help seal that gap and repair your broken goggles so you can continue enjoying the ocean during your chip.

You might even need to repair a bag, a backpack, or some shoes. It works on pretty much everything!

You will not believe the number of times we have relied on super glue to mend broken shoes, allowing us to continue hiking or experiencing the amazing countries we visit without constantly having to buy new shoes. Why spend money on an entirely new product when what we have is perfectly good, except for a minor nick, crack, or cut?

In fact, super glue can come in handy for way more things that we haven’t even experienced ourselves yet. Consider your glasses, for instance. What happens if the frame snaps and you’re thousands of miles from home without a backup pair or access to contact lenses? Super glue will mend them until you find a more permanent solution…and the repair is pretty permanent anyway! You’ll also be able to repair belts, watches, and so much more that you only realise you really need when they’re broken!

High-Performance Sealants for Travelling

There are various different glues that are ideal for travelling, but you should always be sure to check the rules of the airline you’ll be travelling with. Different airports will also have different restrictions on liquids that can be taken with hand luggage and checked luggage, but it should be easy to find out what those restrictions are.

When you know, there are a few different high-performance sealants and glues that we would recommend. These super glues come with different features and qualities, with some offering more time during the drying process to align materials. That’s a great option if you are looking to put a pair of glasses or sunglasses back together, and you want to make sure they are perfectly straight.

Faster bonding options are available, too, allowing you to use the squeeze-grip applicators to precisely apply your glue without fear or making the problem even worse!