Things to do when you visit India for the First Time

The ancient and mystic land of India definitely beckons all travelers at some point in their lives; one just cannot miss out on visiting this land of varied cultures and terrains. A country that is big enough to be called a subcontinent and has one-sixth of the earth’s population surely has a lot to offer for every visitor; sometimes till the extent that it becomes their second home. From hills to plains and beaches, from mega cities to villages, there is so much diversity in the country that it can actually take a lifetime to see the country itself. Especially these street foods in Bandra and various other places of Mumbai are mesmerizing and mind boggling.


A Place Called India

For those who live in the country or have visited it at least once, traveling through the nation is a simple job, but for those who are intending on making their maiden voyage to India will surely have doubts regarding what to do. For your convenience, we have listed down the top things that you should have in mind when you are visiting India for the very first time.

  1. Water and Food

Coming to a new country, one must be wary of the water and the food that is consumed. Limit yourself to the bottled mineral water from standard companies to ensure that your stomach remains fine. Also, do not to eat at small street side stalls as you may not know the quality of the food.

  1. Traffic and Driving

Driving on roads in India is something that may seem like a daunting task to anyone who has never driven in India. The speeds are comparatively slower than other nations but most people drive in a haywire manner which one may not be comfortable with, and can easily end up in accidents.


  1. Noise Levels

The noise levels are quite higher than normal in cities, specifically metro cities where it is very common to find traffic on the roads. People resort to honking very conveniently and add to the noise pollution, it is also common to see people using loudspeakers in public during celebrations and adding to the overall level of noise.

  1. Clothing and Dressing Up

India is known to be slightly conservative when it comes to clothing but this isn’t exactly true. Yes, in small towns and cities one may find that people rarely wear modern clothes but in case of bigger cities, it is fairly common to see people in the most modern clothes. Still, one should properly research on the place they are visiting and only then decide.

  1. Staying Safe in the Crowd.

As a nation, India is extremely populated and the cities are very crowded, it is common to get squashed in local trains of Mumbai or metro of Delhi. If you aren’t used to such a situation, you may find it overwhelming, so be prepared for such crowds and oh yes, keep your wallets safe.


  1. Taking Time to Travel

India is a HUGE country and it is practically impossible to travel all around it in a short span of time. Whenever you plan to visit, make sure that you take ample of time out for your visit and don’t rush through your itinerary as it can cause a lot of fatigue to you.

  1. Negotiating Price

This is something not many people will tell you, but prices of many goods and services are negotiable. People may try to take advantage of you after noticing that you aren’t a local and may quote inflated prices for things, do proper research and negotiate to get the right price and deal.

  1. Booking of Trains

The trains in India can be booked from the IRCTC website well in advance and it is recommended that you do so as well, because the trains start getting booked out even a month before the actual departure date. So make sure you plan your itinerary well and book trains in time. And if you are travelling through local trains in Mumbai, you must make your bookings at the railway station itself.


  1. Visiting the Right Places at Right Time

Research about the location and the climate well in advance before planning your trip, there are thousands of amazing and scenic places around the nation which are sure to leave you awestruck; but do keep in mind that you may feel let down by the hype if you don’t visit it during the right time.

  1. Experience the Festivals

India is well known for its extravagant celebrations of festivals all around the year. It is a treat to watch and take part in the festivities and this will give you an experience that you may not get to feel in any other country for that matter. Make sure that you try to fit in at least one festival in your itinerary.

Overall, India is a very welcoming country with a vast variety of places to go to, and is even cheaper compared to other nations and will give you an experience which cannot be compared with any other place. So go ahead and plan your itinerary right away to experience this incredible nation called India.