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Want to follow travel bloggers on snapchat? We’ve recently joined the Snapchat craze and we have to say that we’re totally loving it! Ok, we’re slightly addicted is the real truth!


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Why we love Snapchat

Snapchat gives us the opportunity to show people what it’s like behind the scenes on our travels and a real look into our daily life when we’re on the road. We recently took our followers to a temple in India that had 20,000+ rats living there (yes, really!) and many people have told us that watching that one Snapchat travel story was like being in the temple with us.

Follow us and you’ll get to see what goes on behind closed doors. You’ll witness the highs, the lows, the funny and the downright bizarre things that we get to experience as we continue our quest to keep travelling and exploring more of this big world that we live in.

travel bloggers on snapchat

How you can follow us

All you have to do is open Snapchat and take a photo of the bar code above, and Snapchat will automatically add our account to your phone!

Alternatively, you can look us up by searching for nxtstopwhoknows and pressing the ‘+’ sign when you find us.

Once you’ve done that, we’d love for you to get involved by snapping us back with your travel-related questions, comments or just to say “hi” and let us know what you’re up to!


Although we’re relatively new to the world of Snapchat, have listed us as the second best blogger to follow on Snapchat and we’re just getting started!