[Travel Photo] – Cat Vs Mantis

While I was on Koh Phi Phi a few weeks ago, I came across an epic battle between a cat and a mantis! I ended up taking over 200 photos of the battle in a 10 minute period.

We ended up moving on though as there was no sign of an agreement being reached between the two.

The funny thing was though, that the Mantis showed no signs of backing away from the cat – who was teasing it just for fun.

No doubt the cat would have won if it was serious about eliminating the Mantis, but it was such a cool thing to see that I decided to give it a post of its own!

Cat Vs Mantis

Cat Vs Mantis (2)

Cat Vs Mantis

I added some colour saturation to the images in order to bring them out a little bit better, as the day was very overcast when I shot these.