Travel Plans for the Rest of 2014

Cambodia – Barcelona – Lanzarote – Home – Brazil – South America

travel plans 2014

The clock has been ticking at a rapid rate since we packed our bags and left the apartment in Chiang Mai in January.

We’ve been on the road since, and have got to see many beautiful things and do lots of fun stuff while experiencing the adventure of backpacking again. Laos and Vietnam have been explored, and Cambodia where we are currently.

Sihanoukville to be exact!

It’s absolute madness to think that we have only 5 weeks left in Southeast Asia!

Our flights are booked to leave Bangkok on April 6th. Barcelona will be our first port of call, and we are super excited about finally getting to visit Spain.

Approximately 1.3 million Irish nationals visit Spain every single year so it’s kind of astonishing that both of us have never been.

Research mode has begun and we’re already looking for exciting things to do and worthwhile attractions to visit while in Barcelona as we want to make the most out our three days there.

We’ve heard it’s a beautiful city and we are looking forward to exploring some of the awesome historical buildings and monuments that can be found scattered around the city.

When visiting a city, it’s important for us to find accommodation that is centrally located as it gives us a good base to settle into and plan what we want to do. Having the convenience of nice restaurants and amenities on your doorstep can always come in useful, no matter where you are in the world.

Our base in Barcelona will be with OK Apartment, which after a web-search showed up with absolutely everything that we need, so we’re looking forward to unpacking the backpacks there for the three days.

Biking in Vietnam

Biking in Vietnam

Next stop after Barcelona is Playa Blanca, Lanzarote for the wedding of one of best mates, John Mac Hale. Seeing all the lads again after a few months will be great, sitting by the pool in the soaring heat and drinking beers with them will make for an epic week I think!!

And then it’s home time for 6 weeks!

Six weeks will be spent at home where we’ll get to catch up with our friends, spend time with our families, recuperate from the last few months of travel while planning our next big adventure to South America.

Brazil has been and always will be the home of football for me. Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to go to a world cup game.

This dream will become a reality for me when our travel plans take us to Brazil for the World Cup on May 31st 2014…Let’s just say excited is an understatement!

After Brazil, we’ll then travel through the rest of South America for a period of time.

The laptops will always be with us everywhere we go as without them, we’d not be able to visit any of these amazing places. Hard work allows us to do what we do, and we will never ever take our laptop travel lifestyle for granted.

Happy Travelling

Happy Travelling!

“It’s not about the years in your life, it’s about the life in your years” – so you’ve got to make the most out it, and that’s exactly what we are trying to do!