Viva Las Vegas!

It seems like an age since I got back from Africa…time does actually fly! Anyways, my next trip abroad is back to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas on September 10th!
This will be my fourth trip to Sin City in as many years and like every other time….I’m really looking forward to it.
This year there will be 7 of us heading over for 11 days or NIGHTS(whichever way you look at it). Obvioulsy the main theme will be Poker, but also we will hire out a car and take a trip back to death valley for a night or two.
After spending a month last August in Vegas and California to spending three months in East Africa then back to Vegas again…..its a huge contrast in the way of life.
But in saying that, I’m fortunate to have sampled life in one of the poorest parts of the world and also one of the richest.
Anyways, its nice to be heading away again for a few days of guaranteed crazy unbearable heat 🙂


Here’s a few photos from the trip, since I didn’t make a blog about it afterwards:

And here’s a little video montage of it: