Travel Bloggers on Snapchat: Who You Need To Follow

Over the past year, Snapchat has become one of the top social media players on the circuit.

Everyone is talking about the platform. If you haven’t heard of Snapchat by now, then please tell me where have you been hiding?

travel bloggers on snapchat

As of right now, there are over 10 BILLION daily video views on Snapchat! That’s a staggering 350% increase in just the previous 8 months.

That’s enough about stats!

We’re here to give you the inside scoop on 10 awesome travel bloggers on Snapchat that you need to follow.

Obviously, we’re not going to put ourselves on this list, because you’re already following us…right? RIGHT??

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Travel Bloggers on Snapchat

Snapchat is literally like having your own personal TV show with you being the director, host and star of the show.

Travel bloggers have been documenting their travels and escapades on the platform for a while now and we enjoy following the ones that we’ve listed in this post.

Everyone has their own style and ideas about what they like to show through their snapchat stories.

There’s no right or wrong way to use the platform – everyone is unique in that respect.

For example, our stories focus on the day-to-day adventures we encounter as we travel around the world while running our online business.

We also like to show that it’s not all selfies from awesome viewpoints. We do work and spend a ridiculous amount of hours on public transport which we also snap about.

We’ve put together this list of our favourite travel bloggers that we enjoy following on a daily basis. They’re not listed in any particular order – but you’ve been warned; get ready to feel a serious dose of wanderlust when you start following them!


Alicia Drewnicki – Alicia Explores

To sum up Alicia’s snapchat posts: they’re spontaneous and jokey – and she loves to get people involved in crazy challenges.

For example, she challenged a bellman in Miami to dance to Justin Bieber and she also managed to get into the cockpit of an American Airlines flights (after it had landed)!

She likes to surprise the people watching her snaps so they truly have no idea of what’s coming next – from an interview with a kilt-maker in Edinburgh to a Carribean cooking demo to a late night ghost walk.

One word for Alicia: Unpredictable.

Alicia Drewnicki

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Alicia Drewnicki snapchat


Will Hatton – The Broke Backpacker

Will is currently on a three year adventure from the UK to Papua New Guinea without taking a flight and he is the first snapchat explorer to snap from weird and wonderful countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Bhutan.

We love following this crazy lunatic as you don’t know what he’s going to get up to next! His snaps are energetic, fun, spontaneous and he never fails to make us laugh.

Will Hatton snapchat

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will hatton snaphat


Hannah Lukaszewicz – Getting Stamped

Hannah is the reason why we first started using snapchat to document our travels. When we were all living in Chiang Mai last summer, Hannah was using snapchat and we couldn’t figure out why she was so damn hooked on it.

After realising the potential of snapchat and how great it is for what we do, we quickly followed her lead and became addicted!

From Cuba and Mexico to Thailand, Egypt, Jamaica and Jordan, you could literally find Hannah anywhere.

She takes her followers on a whirlwind ride that shows exotic beaches, chaotic city life, crazy street food and she shares great travel tips and info too.

She loves engaging with her followers, so if you’ve any questions about her travels then snap her!

Hannah Lukaszewicz snapchat

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Hannah Lukaszewicz snapchat


Dave Brett – Travel Dave

Dave is on a solo backpacking adventure for a loooong time and plans to visit every country in the world eventually.

With a huge amount of experience in front of a camera, it’s no surprise that Dave is a real natural when it comes to using Snapchat to document his travels.

He’s currently snapping his way around the Baltics. Go check him out!

travel dave snapchat

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Kristin Francis – Souvenir Finder

Kristin is from New York and she snaps about both her daily life in the city as well as her travels as she trots around the world.

Her tongue-in-cheek snaps might reveal anything from the unusual quirks of a destination, to observations on New York city life, to riffs on the latest pop culture trends.

Kristin Francis snapchat

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Kristin Francis


Tom Grond – Travel Tom Tom

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stay in and review luxury hotel accommodations around the world? Well Tom can tell you as that’s his speciality!

He’s a backpacker by heart and eats the weirdest street food he can find on his travels. He enjoys jumping off cliffs (may not be holding his phone for snapchat for those though!), biking, hiking and taking amazing sunset photos.

In the next few months he’s going to be travelling around Bali and the Philippines and might be even featuring some drone footage on snapchat!

tom grond snapchat

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tom grond snapchat


Cailin O’ Neil – Travel Yourself

Cailin is a travel, video and food blogger and loves snapping her travels from all around the world as well as from her home in Canada.

From crazy milkshakes in New York to trekking with Gorillas in Rwanda along with epic quests for lobster, Cailin aims to teach people new things whenever she can.

She also likes to be a little silly in her snaps which gives her viewers a good laugh.

cailin o neil snapchat

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cailin o neil snapchat


Janet Newenham – Journalist on the Run

Janet is a fellow Irish travel blogger who we finally met last year in London at the WTM conference.

She has been ripping it up lately with her escapades around the world. She loves to take her followers on adventures every day so that they can experience her travels as if they were right there with her.

Whether it’s an exciting food tour in Hanoi, Vietnam, exploring South Korea’s theme cafes or cliff jumping in Chiang Mai, there’s always a funny snapchat story coming from Janet’s account.

journalist on the run snapchat

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journalist on the run snapchat


Gianni and Ivana – Nomad is Beautiful

Gianni and Ivana have been travelling full-time since 2013 and they are the ultimate bloggers when it comes to travelling light. They travel with carry-on only and each of them have approx 10kg of luggage that holds all of their possessions.

Their snapchat stories focus on the people they meet, the culture, the food and the nature of the countries that they visit.

We enjoyed a few weeks travelling with them through Laos back in 2014 where we explored Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng together.

Gianni and Ivana are having a lot of fun with snapchat so don’t miss out on that fun!

nomad is beautiful snapchat

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nomad is beautiful


Katie Dawes – The Hostel Girl

Katie loves taking smaller trips from her home in the UK to various countries around Europe, rather than travelling full-time.

Her snaps are a blend of the cities that she visits, how she gets there and the history behind them. When she’s back at home, she goes out on “mini-adventures” and provides regular #SnapchatTravelTips to aspiring travellers.

Katie is a great story-teller and her travel tips will leave you feeling ready to pack up and take on the world. We also think she’s a little addicted to coffee – watch her snaps and see if you agree!

the hostel girl snapchat

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the hostel girl snapchat


So what are you waiting for? Start following these bloggers and let them take you to all sorts of crazy places through Snapchat!

If you’re looking for a guide on how to get started with Snapchat, then check out this huge one that we put together a few weeks back:

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