4 things to know about Canada before visiting it

If you are an American, then you might consider Canada as a little brother located towards the north of the United States. It’s located towards the extreme north of the US. When it comes to travel, this particular country has a lot to give you. I have come through several Americans who despite being so close to Canada have never actually got the opportunity to visit the country. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

Just check out Google and see the beautiful landscapes, mountains and valleys. I am sure you will get mesmerized by the beauty of this country, you have not visited. By far now you might have probably convinced yourself to give a visit to Canada. But before you pack your bags and get ready for your tour in Canada, there are few things I would like to share with you about Canada. Canada is a great travel destination it offers something or the other for everyone. So, what all to expect from Canada?

Read the tips and info below to know more!

The weather is pretty cold

Well, the weather in Canada is pretty much colder than America and many other European countries. Winters in summers are pretty harsh. Often the time the temperature goes below minus ten degree Celsius in winters. Prairies have a dry climate and sometimes the temperature there can be extreme. During your visit, you can come across the extreme storm and unexpected weather alerts by the Canadian government.

On, the other hand, the summers in Canada is very pleasant. But the only problem is summers in Canada do not last for quite a long time. June and July are the summer month in Canada. This is the season when you should visit Canada. Whereas April and May are the months when the famed music festival takes place in Canada. If you are a film buff or theatre lover, make your tour plan in the spring. Also, spring is a good time for snowboarding or skiing. So in short April to July is the best time for you to visit Canada.

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Canadian dollars work here

Well, the Canadian dollars are a bit different from US dollars. The value of one Canadian dollar is .77 cents in the US. This means if you are travelling from America, your US dollars are going to run little more here in Canada. it should be noted that this does not mean that Canada is cheaper than America, in fact, its actually more costly than America in terms of groceries, alcohol, cigarettes and food. The good part about being an American tourist in Canada is you do not need to convert your currency. Every ATMs is let you withdraw cash in both CAD and USD. Also, most places accept Debit or Credit cards in Canada.

Canada offers great transportation

I being a frequent traveller, I have come across several countries where travelling through local transport is pretty tough. In several countries, you might need to rent a car to travel to different places because the public transports are pretty confusing. Well, that’s not the case of Canada.

Transportation in Canada is pretty cheap and systematic. There is no scope of unnecessary confusions for newcomers here. The buses in Canada are extremely clean and easy to locate. O the top of that travelling through public transport in Canada is absolutely safe. Canada, in general, is a safe country. You can ride buses or trains without worrying about the possibility of being robbed or mugged. Google the pictures of railway routes and systems in Canada. You will fall in love! You will get the opportunity to experience epic views if you travel through trains.

Canada is Diverse

Canada is pretty diverse in terms of language, people and cultures. Most people think that when you enter Canada all you can see are Caucasians. Buts that’s not true at all. Canada is home to people from different countries and cultures. Canada’s diversity is growing higher and higher every passing year. Here you can see people from all backgrounds starting from Mexicans, Africans, Middle Easterners, Indians, and Americans and so on.

Another misconception about Canada is people in Canada speak only English. Well, this is not true. While there are a lot of English Speakers in Canada but you will also find thousands of French soaking Canadians. As the country has become extremely diverse you will also come across several Punjabi speaking people from India, Mexicans and Spanish speaking people. In spite of it, you will find several English speaking Canadians within two meters of your radius.

Where to get fast Canada visa from?

As told earlier, Canada is a country that gladly allows foreigners from all parts of the world. Foreigner citizens get visa in Canada depending on the nationality, purpose and duration of their stay. Several foreigners do not even need a visa for Canada if they intend to have a short stay. All they require is the eTA for Canada while entering the country by air. Foreigner citizens who wish to visit Canada need to fill up an eTA online form where they need to give some personal and passport information. Once the eTA gets approved it will electronically be linked with the person’s passport and will allow staying for six months to five years in Canada.

Canadaonlinevisa.com is an online visa website that will give you a Canadian visa through fast and easy means. There are various types of visa for Canada that are offered by the website, check how to apply for the Canadian eTA.

  • ETA Canada- There are more than fifty Canada visa-exempt country citizens who are required to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization to travel in Canada. The validity period of this visa varies from six months to five years.

  • Canada Visitor Visa- Non-visa exempt countries’ citizens require Canada visitor Visa.

  • Canada works Visa- To get the permission to work in Canada you need to have the Canada work visa.

  • Canadian Residency- To get permanent Canadian residency foreigners from other countries need to apply for it.