Cheapest Flight Deals on Your Next Cape Town Adventure

So, you’re ready for adventure, but how do you get there? Flying is the most expedient way to get from point A to point B, but it’s typically one of the most expensive parts of any vacation. So, how do you find the cheapest deals so you can spend more on Cape Town’s highlights?

We have some suggestions.

Plan Ahead

Generally speaking, the earlier you book, the cheaper tickets will be. That’s because cheaper seats tend to sell first, and as they become rarer, it makes sense for airlines to mark up the prices. Last minute tickets typically cost the most, and tickets bought months or more in advance cost significantly less. Think of it this way: you have to pay rush fees for many popular services if you book at the last minute. Flying follows the same principles.

Be Flexible

If possible, find tickets before you submit your request for days off work. This isn’t possible for everyone, of course, and if you have to schedule time off first, make sure your time away begins in the middle of the week. Lots of people leave for and return from vacation on weekends, but weekend flights cost more. To save money and enjoy a quieter airport, consider travelling during the workweek. Fewer people fly, you’re less likely to run into problems at the airport, and airlines reward weekday travelers with cheaper tickets. As an added benefit, if you return on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you only have to deal with two or three days at work immediately after your vacation. Facing a Monday right after you’ve enjoyed an exciting trip isn’t just unpleasant; it’s also unnecessary.

Consider Local Airlines

South Africa offers lots of small, regional airlines you may not have heard of. These regional airlines often provide cheaper tickets. Kulula flights to Cape Town, for instance, will essentially always be more affordable than big, international airlines’ domestic flights. Some smaller companies offer a more entertaining trip, too, and they work harder to make an impression. If you find a cheap flight to Cape Town on an airline you don’t recognize, a quick Google search will give you an idea of what to expect.

Don’t Forget the Bags

The lowest ticket price may not be the best bargain. Always consider your baggage before you book, because one or two suitcases can add hundreds of dollars to the final cost. Check to see what competing airlines offer as part of their cheapest seating option. Does economy class get one checked bag included with the cost of a ticket, or is that privilege only given to business and first class passengers? Do a little math as you shop. You may discover your checked bag tilts the scale in favor of your second or third option.

Cape Town has endless opportunities for visitors, and securing a flight at the right price will help you enjoy more of them. While bargain hunting for tickets isn’t rocket science, a few clever strategies can save you cash as you shop. Cape Town is waiting, so start planning your trip today.