Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik

We stormed the city of Kings Landing Dubrovnik for 4 days a few weeks ago as it was one of our most anticipated stops on this trip!

Apart from being the filming location for a huge chunk of the GOT TV series, Dubrovnik is also one of those spectacular cities that you must visit if you ever get the chance.

It’s stunning, and the old town area is without doubt the nicest we’ve ever visited – period!

game of thrones tour dubrovnik

Game of Thrones Tour in Dubrovnik

We’re not mega Game of Thrones fans or anything and we’re only on Season 4 at the moment if the truth be told!

However, you don’t need to be a fan at all in order to enjoy the private tour that the excellent provides.

Since we travel quite a lot, we inevitably take a lot of different tours in most countries. The key to a good tour, in our opinion, always rests with the guide.

Our guide: Tom

Normally, when we write reviews about the tours we take, we don’t really talk much about our guide. However, in this case, we feel that Tom deserves a special mention.

game of thrones tour in dubrovnik

Tom – our excellent tour guide from

Being a tour guide was a part-time job for Tom until 2012. He decided to quit his day job and earned himself a MA degree to add to his portfolio (he also has a degree in Foreign trade in Diplomacy and International Relations).

In order to support himself during his studies, he started doing tours full-time. He found that his love for being a guide increased with each passing day.

It got to the point where he wanted to offer something unique to tourists who visited his city of Dubrovnik.

He started to think outside the box and the GOT series had started to become extremely popular with parts of the city being used for the filming of Season 2 onwards.

This provided the platform for Tom to showcase his in-depth knowledge of the city with his obvious passion for the show into what’s now the best Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik.

We’re not alone in thinking that this is the number one GOT Tour in Dubrovnik. We read many reviews before choosing Tom and Tours by Locals and countless other visitors to the city agree with us.

The tour offers a wonderful combination of facts and scenery over a very enjoyable two hour period.

He also gives tours about culture, history and wine in addition to the GOT tour!

The Locations

If you didn’t already know, Dubrovnik is the location of “Kings Landing” from Season 2 onwards.

Tom was able to show us the exact locations used and some secret ones too that you’d only know about if you take the tour.

Obviously it would spoil the fun if we showed you photos from every single location we went to (there were over 30 of them).

Instead, we’ll give you a small glimpse of a few of them so that it will provide anyone thinking of doing the tour with a little teaser of what to expect.

During the two hours, you also get some great insider details about the show, as well as a few funny stories about the cast!

Tom brings a huge picture book (which you’ll see in the photos) of various scenes from the show that he holds up against the real backdrop of where the scenes were filmed.

Can you remember these scenes from the show?

GOT tour dubrovnik

This location was featured in season 4, episode 2. The purple wedding set is being constructed in the photo.

season 5, episode 10 - Cersei's Walk of Shame

Season 5, episode 10 – Cersei’s Walk of Shame! Ohhhh the shame!!!

got tour croatia

Photo and scene from Season 3, episode 10 – Jaime returns to King’s Landing

got tour in dubrovnik

Season 3, episode 1. Sansa and Shae playing the guessing game (where the ships are sailing to) when Littlefinger shows up and tries to persuade Sansa to leave with him.

game of thrones tour in dubrovnik

This is from the same location as the scene above, but the photo Tom is holding shows you the CGI that was used in the show.

So much to see!

As I said already, it wouldn’t be fair if we showed you all 30+ locations that Tom brought us to as it would completely ruin the tour and the experience.

His knowledge and passion for this tour and the series really shines through and if you ever find yourself in Dubrovnik, regardless of whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, you should check out Tom’s tour.

Before we go…there’s just one more highlight we’d like to share about the tour. You’ll get to see this couch…

dubrovnik game of thrones tour

Why is it so special?

This photo is from inside a hostel in the old town where Peter Dinklage, Tyrion Lannister in the show, ended up sleeping on this couch after a random boozy session with a few Australian backpackers.

This happened in 2011 during filming for season 2. The backpackers didn’t know who he was at the time and thought he was just a small-name American actor. GOT obviously wasn’t as globally famous back then as it is now.

That’s some story to tell the grandkids!

We don’t want to ruin the tour by saying anymore.

Tyrion Lannister GOT actor

Dubrovnik is buzzing with GOT props and fun things to do

To conclude, there’s so much to see and so much to do in this city so please put it on your bucket list if it’s not already!

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting quite a few old towns on this trip but, as I mentioned earlier, the old town in Dubrovnik is without doubt the coolest we’ve ever been to. The GOT tour made our few days in the city all the more memorable and it was the icing on the cake for us.

backpacking in dubrovnik

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