Getting Your Money Back If Your Holiday Is Cancelled

The family holiday, that one time of year where the whole family puts life on hold for a while and goes away together to engage in some important relaxation and bonding. Parents get to enjoy a week off from the normal trials and stresses of mundane working life. Kids get to make new friends and run around to their heart’s content, jumping into pools and tiring themselves out in the blissful hot sun. At the end of the day, the kids are that worn out that they fall asleep early for once and parents get to enjoy some much-needed adult time, sipping cocktails and unwinding in a way that just is not possible at home.

Granted, holidays take a lot of planning, whether it’s finding everyone’s passports, getting the luggage down from the loft, or putting together a holiday wardrobe for the kids, but in reality, it’s all part of the excitement of going on holiday! No one really begrudges trying to organise the activities they’re going to do each day, or where you’re going to eat each evening. And when you’ve scrimped and saved all year long to make your holiday happen, it’s no wonder we find ourselves counting down the days until we step off that plane and we get that first blast of holiday heat.

With so much at stake, every holidaymaker shares the same fear. And while it doesn’t happen often, when it does, it can ruin everything. That fear? That dreaded email or letter from the holiday company with the word CANCELLED in the subject.

In a single moment, all those happy, smiling images are shattered. And not only do you have to tell your partner that your holiday is no longer going ahead, but you have to break the news to your children that the fun in the sun they were hoping for is no longer happening. It’s devastating, to say the least. But now, you have work to do. You have to cancel your time off work, let your boss know that things have changed, cancel the house sitter, the dog kennels, the hire car and get your holiday money changed back again, and of course – try to get your money back! When your holiday is cancelled, it’s not just emotionally devastating, but it brings with it a huge amount of admin and stress – the exact opposite of what your holiday was going to be.

Luckily this does not happen very often, but when it does, it is important to know the right steps you need to take to get your money back and get things back on track. If you are in this situation and you are looking for information on what you should do next, there are places online – you can go to this site to find out more.

So do not fear, you are not the first one this has happened to, and you will certainly not be the last. Luckily there are people out there who know how to help.