Going on a cruise from the UK

Thinking of taking a cruise this year? There are several things to consider, especially if you’re departing from the UK. Here’s how to get ready for your holiday.


It doesn’t matter if you’re heading off on one of the cheap cruises from Newcastle or going on a round-the-world trip from Southampton, you need to get ready for feeling seasick. Almost anyone can suffer from motion sickness at some point during your cruise. This might happen during choppy or stormy conditions. Or for some, you might start to feel queasy as soon as you step onto the ship. Best way to overcome this? Buy motion sickness medication from your pharmacy. Especially so if you’re cruising in the North Sea.

Plan How You’ll Reach the Cruise Ship

Some cruise companies will pick up their passengers from around the UK. Others don’t. If you’re offered a door-to-door service, there will be several meeting points around the country. You’ll get onto the feeder bus which will then collect other passengers in the same region. Then you’ll head directly to the ship. This is convenient and more cost effective as you only need to pay to get to the meeting point. If you’re making your own way to the ship, plan to arrive several hours in advance. Traffic jams clog up the motorways, and congestion can happen at the most inconvenient times. The last thing you want is to keep checking your watch worrying that you’re going to miss the departure time.

Keep Your Important Documents with You

Packing for your cruise can be a stressful experience. You have to plan what you’re going to bring and what stays at home in the wardrobe. This is often easier than it sounds. Most holidaymakers leave packing to the last (or almost last) minute. If you fall into this group, just remember one crucial thing. Always keep your important documents (passports, credit cards, insurance documents etc.) with you in your hand luggage. Imagine finding your suitcase has been misplaced. Even worse is when all your documents are in there.

Understand the Cruise’s Instructions

Every cruise line has its own rules, regulations and expectations. Some of the more affordable ones have flexible dress codes. Luxurious lines want all their passengers to dress respectably while they’re on the ship. It may not be good etiquette to wear sandals and flip-flops. Your cruise line should send you all their instructions and information well in advance of the departure date. Read through carefully. And read through again before you start packing for your holiday.

Remember Your Personal Entertainment

Cruising isn’t about having an action-packed holiday. You’ll spend more than half your time on-board. Make sure you bring something (like a brand new book or your electronics) to keep you entertained. Sure, you can use the facilities on the liner. But you won’t do that for every second of your free time.

Preparing for Your Cruise

Plan how you’re going to reach the departure point and try to arrive a few hours early if possible. Always keep your passport, insurance documents and credit cards with you. Familiarise yourself with the cruise instructions. And pack personal entertainment.