Have some; Dim sum yum yum!!

This is the first of two posts in which I’ve been asked give some information about. The other one will be about what I’ve packed in my backpack to last me for the seven months on this trip.

Food! Well I’ve certainly eaten my fair share of it since arriving in Asia. At least 90% of the dishes I’ve sampled have been of the seafood variety. I love fish and you won’t get anything fresher or tastier than you can get in Asia.

Luckily enough, I made a conscious decision at the start of the trip to take a photograph of every dish I eat using my iphone so that somewhere down the blog road I’d be able to provide a photographic food experience of some of the meals I’ve tasted!
So what I’ll do is just include a selection of some of the foods that I’ve consumed so far(as in the last seven weeks). Unfortunately I don’t remember the names of all the dishes so for that reason I won’t provide a name

Only one dish has caused me a little anxiety while eating it, and that was the Fish Head soup in Singapore(see photos and video in Singapore blog update). Everything else has been absolutely fabulous and really mouth watering. I suppose my favourite dish so far is the Thai Green Curry, which I’ve eaten on many occasions while in Asia.

So for anyone hoping to get the names of the following dishes or the ingredients, then sadly you’ll be disappointed. I’m not the type of person who looks to see what’s in a dish or find out how’s it cooked. I just usually eat and then find out later if I liked it or not!! Angry smile
Ok, so here’s a sample of what I’ve gulped down….


So as you can see, there’s a lot of rice and seafood combo dishes. And the above selection is by no means an extensive list of all I’ve eaten, just the few that made the cut so to speak. I eat a lot of the same dishes over and over again as I go through phases like that.
For those of you that like spices, then you won’t be disappointed with the array of “hot n spicy” menus available in every restaurant over here. Obviously the menus from place to place are very similar as the cuisine is standard, but you can also get restaurants that provide western food along with other varieties of international cuisine.

All in all the standard of food is superb and the price is unbelievably cheap compared to back home. The most expensive item of food we’ve eaten was a pizza and that cost around five euros. I figure the reason why pizza’s are so expensive compared to other food here is that the majority of westerners that come to Asia on holidays like the odd “slice of home”! I can’t see it been because the ingredients or method of cooking costs more.

Another example of the cheapness of food here is the other night when there were five of us out eating a meal and we had a total of six drinks, three starters and five main courses which all amounted to just under twenty euros for the lot!! That was a eating local food in a non local restaurant at a beach side resort in Koh Phangan. So the less touristy venues would work out even cheaper.

Ok, I’ve rambled on a bit about a subject that might not hit the taste buds(excuse the pun) of everyone reading this so I’ll rap things up.
Needless to say I appreciate the feedback and comments regarding the blog.

P.S Dim sum(as in the title of this post) is a Cantonese term for a type of Chinese meal that involves small individual portions of food, usually food is pushed around on carts by servers and served in a small steamer baskets or on small plates. We had Dim Sum in Singapore and it was fantastic stuff, really was. Thanks to Mr.Sheng Oon aka Dr.Bitchboy for introducing us to Dim Sum Smile