The Home Hotel: A Relaxing Haven in the city of Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina ingrains itself in its autonomous stance that it received in 1994; you can feel it in the European-esque architecture around you, in its various cultural identities and in its sheer population.

The home hotel


A South American Paris, its nightlife does not sleep with its bountiful clubs and restaurants that are steeped in Latino culture. Rio de Plata borders the vast expanse of ports, suburbs and cosmopolitan buildings and the world of theatre with its cinemas, orchestra halls and live stages lives on every corner.

During our visit to Buenos Aires, we decided to take refuge in The Home Hotel, an aptly named spot that makes even the largest of cities feel very much welcoming – in many more ways than one.

The owner, Patricia Rixton, settled in Ireland for sixteen years before returning to Argentina with the intent of establishing a place with all the things and facilities her friends would want from a hotel.

She achieved just that, making The Home Hotel the first boutique hotel in her native area of Palermo Hollywood, a neighbourhood that lives up to its name with its frequenting celebrities and high end bars and restaraunts.


The home hotel

The reviews of the hotel on Tripadvisor really set the tone of the place, with almost every review hitting five stars and with instant friendly, elaborate responses from the owners.

Better still, a lot of the reviews are from hotel owners who stayed there specifically on hearing of its quality. We were greeted with fluent English staff, a massive relief having only limited Spanish – (we’re learning new phrases and words every day). Accommodating, helpful and very informative, you could not ask for more from the staff, and the front desk was open twenty-four hours a day.


The home hotel

On our arrival, we received an incredibly helpful booklet that outlined the best spots in Palmero. One review on Tripadvisor sums up this handy little welcome brochure perfectly: “It was refreshing to get an insider’s opinion on the best spots for eating, shopping and boozing after exhausting all of the more touristy recommendations.”

The entire hotel, from the rooms to the common area, was incredibly clean and had a hip-chic, retro and very eclectic feel to it. Our room had a highly luxurious and contemporary air about it, and looked out onto a vibrant, breathtaking garden view. With a spa, bar and heated swimming pool, you could not fault the hotels facilities for serenity.


The home hotel

As for the Home’s stance on eco-friendly matters, they have some quirky conservation touches such as electricity cards, low watt bulbs, homemade natural toiletries, solar panels and so much more. Let me just give the food a quick mention!


The home hotel

We couldn’t believe the breakfast that was served to us on each morning of our stay. It was unlike any other breakfast we ever had and was so much more than just your standard buffet style option.


The home hotel

We got to sample fresh juices and breads, flavoured butters and confections and the nicest cup of coffee around. As for the restaurant, we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious pizzas and the (to-die-for) cocktails as well as the overall ambience.


untitled-8039-4 (Custom) The home hotel

Make sure to check out the hotel’s website, as well as the reviews on Tripadvisor. We agree with most other reviewers when we say there was next to nothing we could find at fault with the Home Hotel.

Its centricity and yet distance from the hustle and bustle of the city, compounded with the authentic staff and owners, high-end feel and luxurious facilities will make this place the cherry on the top of your trip to Buenos Aires.