Homey in Santiago, Chile

Chile’s capital city has so much to offer. From wine tasting and central barrios exploring to mural gazing, central urban park wandering to skiing and sunbathing, Santiago has it all. Surrounded by the Andes and the Pacific, you have a landscape so eclectic, you’ll feel like you’re travelling multiple countries at once.

Homey in Santiago

And yet, once you get to the centre of the city, it’s artistic, colonial and contemporary mix will create a uniqueness that really defines the city apart from any other. We loved the artsy hub of Barrio Brasil, the centric Plaza De Armas, which is home to many colonial and public buildings and the grand suburban Parque Forestal where the Andes and the entire city can be seen at beautiful heights.

At the heart of Santiago we found a very homely accommodation called…Homey!

Homey in Santiago

An alternative to hotels, Homey is a studio and apartment rental company. This new option is becoming more and more popular as furnishings and the nature of renting private apartments really gives a personal, homely touch to your travels.

Homey Apartments (7) Homey in Santiago

Located in San Diego Avenue, just three blocks away from the University metro stations, comfort comes with centricity. The rates are fantastic, as renting studios and apartments are generally far cheaper than hotel rooms, and you can rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We found that these apartments would be the perfect place to call home if you want to take a break mid lengthy travels.

Homey Apartments (5) Homey in Santiago

The apartment we stayed in was just perfect, and had so many extra touches that a hotel could not cater to. Wi-Fi is provided, which was great and quick, and the whole experience was so comfortable.

Homey in Santiago

We got a lovely welcoming reception from Francoise who is constantly available to ensure that all guests are comfortable during their stay.

Furnishings are that little bit more practical in comparison to those of hotels, as guests are treated to a fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, a Hi-Fi speaker with a USB port, a nightstand, a closet, a change of bedding and double curtains. Facilities are also provided, from the basic hairdryer and iron available upon registration to a fully kitted gym and indoor pool located within the building, as well as a laundry service, parking, a smoking area, a barbeque and sauna on the top floor.

Homey in Santiago

If you don’t want to avail of the fantastic kitchen full of utensils and equipment at your fingertips, there are plenty of cheap yet delicious restaurants in the area, as well as cafés, bars and a great nightlife. And having said this, we found it to be unbelievably quiet and peaceful at night within the apartment.

Homey in Santiago

Though it has only two reviews on Tripadvisor, the four and five star ratings could be multiplied hundredfold on the basis of our experience. We think the fact that apartment and studio rentals have yet to be discovered by many is the reason for the lack of reviews. We’d highly recommend the experience, especially if you’ve been travelling a long time. Check out the company’s website if you’d like to know some more info.