How to Enjoy an Extra Special Honeymoon in Canada

Most honeymooners love to choose tropical destinations for the sun and sandy beaches. But don’t overlook a luxurious destination like Canada. The country is vast, so you will never run out of destinations to choose from. Better yet, its lack of notice as a “honeymoon spot” works great for couples who just want to enjoy some privacy.

Here are the best ways to honeymoon in Canada, and make it even more luxurious and adventurous:

Fall in Love All Over under the Northern Lights

What could be a more romantic spot than a snowy white field under the stunning lights of an aurora? Canada is, in fact, one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in all its viridian glory. You can view Aurora Borealis in the northern parts of British Columbia, Ontario, Yukon, among others.

Northern British Columbia is probably the best with several great viewing towns. You will have to head far away from Vancouver, so it’s best to find an executive jet for rent to make the experience unique and hassle-free. The very best place to see the aurora is Yellowknife, which is a town situated right underneath it. And yes, these places have excellent tourist facilities to enjoy your honeymoon in comfort.

Spend Time Together in the Wine Country

Yes, Canada has its own wine country, where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of vineyards surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. Okanagan Valley is situated between the Rockies and Columbia Mountain Range. Unlike most parts of Canada, the valley is surprisingly warm, making it perfect for growing grapes and enjoying a holiday. There will be plenty of romantic spots here to enjoy, as well as world-class wine and great food.

Tour Canada by Train

Add an old world flair to your honeymoon by touring Canada by train. You can enjoy the scenery of the area surrounding Vancouver on the Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury train service. The train will take you between cities and hotels (unfortunately, this is not a sleeper train). The train serves excellent food and first-class service, including red carpets for the guests. They also have a narrator on board who explains the territory and the Canadian history behind it.

If train rides are not for you, you can also consider a jet tour of Canada. Luxury services like Learjet offers private flights to take you between hotels and stops. It would cost more than the train ride, but it’s your honeymoon. Don’t hesitate to lavish yourselves if you can afford it.

Eco-Lodge Hideout

Canada’s scenic terrain is home to many unique species of wildlife. There are nature reservations scattered throughout the country with eco-lodge facilities. These are great places to get away from it all on your honeymoon and spend time in each other’s company in a rustic setting. Eco-lodges can vary from budget camping cabins to ultra-luxury hideouts surrounded by pine trees. Choose depending on your budget, but in any case, the experience would be memorable.

Canada offers wonders and adventures to honeymooners who want to enjoy something different. Romantic destinations are aplenty and you will never run out of things to do. Just in case staying in a cozy room is all you want to do, then Canada’s got you covered on that front too.