Long weekend = Serengiti!!

Well we’ve been informed that we don’t have to teach monday or tuesday next week due some local tribe celebrations so we decided that instead of scratching ourselves for four days, that we’d go ahead and book a four day safari into the serengiti! So we will be sleeping under that stars along with all the wild africa has to offer come Saturday.

Our teaching project has been coming along nicely. We have our own separate makeshift classrooms and teach math and english to the different groups, based on their ability level. Nothing fancy, just simple addition, substraction and this week I started multiplication! Not as difficult as I thought it would be, as they seemed to get the hang of it very quickly indeed. We both love it there and the kids are really great.

Our second project that we had organized in Moshi through a local hostel has fallen through…due to lack of independent funding by the owners of the orphanage. So thats left us with the job of finding a suitable NGO(Non-governmental organization) that provides volunteer projects to guys like us. Yes we will stay where we are if we don’t get another one sorted somewhere else…but we know that staying in the one place for 3 months would be very tough come the time to say goodbye arrives. You do get attached to these little kids knowing that they’ve got so little and yet have so much life in them. So a month will be fine, unless we don’t get something else sorted before we leave….which is Feb 12th.

Ok so I’ll update this wedensday or thursday next week with the Serengiti news and reviews 🙂