The Day I Vowed To Return To Thailand

The Back Is Not Back – But I Am!

For those of you that were following my blog back in 2011 when I was travelling around South East Asia and Australia – you would have remembered the abrupt end that came to our trip. This was due to me rupturing my L4S1 vertebrae while in Australia. I did nothing strenuous or crazy – it just decided it was time to pop out!

Long story short – I flew back to Thailand and spent the next month in agony between Phuket and Chiang Mai, before getting treatment and an MRI done in hospital in Chiang Mai.

I was in bad shape both mentally and physically. The pain was too much and it prevented us from travelling or even enjoying our time out there.

I made the difficult(but correct) decision to abandon ship and cut the trip in half. This was a devastating set back for both of us. However, we knew that it made no sense to continue and cause possible more injury.

We didn’t get to complete the next 4 months of our backpacking agenda. There would be no slow boat trips from Thailand into Laos, no drinking snake blood in Vietnam and no visiting the killing fields in Cambodia.

I’m Going To Get My Revenge….

I distinctly remember getting ready to board the plane for home in Bangkok on that day in September 2011, and I said to Florence “I’m going to return some day to get my revenge”!

What did I mean by that – getting my revenge?

For me, it meant that I would return and not only complete the rest of the trip that we’d planned, but also to give Thailand a proper go.

It was evident from spending a few weeks in Thailand that we loved the country, it’s people, food and climate.

Now, fast forward nearly 2 years and that revenge is only 2 weeks away from becoming a reality!

Location Independence

Not only are we going to return to Thailand, but we are going on a one way ticket! I’ve been planning and executing the masterplan for months and months.

Armed with the location independent dream, we plan on continuing to develop our online business and also work on some other online projects that interest us.

We initially planned on teaching English in Thailand, but I discovered a great bunch of online entrepreneurs who wanted the same thing as we did – location independence. So with their help and guidance, as well as countless hours of research – I was able to start carving out a possible way for us to sustain ourselves anywhere in the world. All we needed was a laptop and an internet connection!

And so, there lies what our plans are.

It’s been a long, slow and sometimes painful journey to get here.

I’m back doing some light training in the gym the past 2 months, and I’m also trying to drop some weight that’s developed from a stagnant 2 years of being very inactive.

So, on Monday 15th July 2013 – 22 months after leaving Thailand, I’m all set to enact my revenge. 🙂

return to thailand