Things About Lapland That No One Talks About

While some people may think that Lapland is a country, more and more people are becoming aware that it is indeed a region that encompasses parts of four different countries. It has been famous because it is one of the best places to witness Aurora Borealis. It goes without saying that Lapland is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination for both the young and old. However, apart from this, here are some other things about Lapland that only a few people talk about.



Lapland houses the busiest post office across the globe

Across the globe, post offices are slowly transitioning into offering other services because people now prefer sending electronic mails. It can be surprising that in this modern-day and age, snail mail is still ever popular in Lapland, with the post office in the Santa Claus village the busiest one compared to all other post offices in the globe. Santa’s elves work even harder when the Christmas season is fast approaching, aiming to respond to each of the letters coming from well-behaved children all year round. If in the past, letters were mostly from Poland, Italy, Britain, and Japan– nowadays, the letters are mainly from China.

Rovaniemi is an incredible place

The North Pole, believed to be the true home of Santa, is really thousands of kilometers away from Rovaniemi in Finland, which is located in the Lapland region. While everybody knows that Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus, only a few people know how magnificent the place is. There is even a small log cabin built to welcome the former first lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt. Since then, the town trademarked itself as Santa’s official home in an aim to attract sightseers and tourists into their place. It seems to be effective though, as airports across Lapland welcomed several tourists over a recent couple of years.

This is where you can witness the infamous Aurora Borealis

While most people know how incredible the Aurora Borealis is, not many are aware that this natural light show has activity peaks. Some tourists are content with seeing the Aurora Borealis in popular places across the Lapland region. However, not many people go miles in the northernmost part of the region to have an ultimate view of the magnificent phenomenon. Thus, Northern Lights holidays are designed by local experts, who selected destinations in the region’s far north with little or no light pollution to guarantee that the sightseers will be able to witness the Aurora Borealis. It has been explored that the activity peaks are more apparent every 11 years, with the next peak forecast to occur in the year 2024.

A visit during the off-peak season is just as marvelous

While most tourists prefer to visit the region during the holiday season, there are several benefits of visiting after the peak season. The obvious one being that the immense number of people was already long gone, and you will find that the days are already starting to get longer. Thus, you will not have a hard time trying to accomplish all the activities that you can do in the region, from sledding, ice fishing and reindeer sleigh rides to a visit to the Arktikum science center where you will be more informed about the Arctic ways of life.



Lapland is a great family destination, especially if you want to witness the northern lights. Apart from this, it is a good place for children to visit in order to experience being in Santa’s hometown. While these are some of the things that Lapland is famous for, you will truly be intrigued about the other interesting things that no one really talks about in the region, that you can find out for yourself.