Top 10 best things about travelling in Ireland

With its stunning scenery, unique culture, and abundance of history, there is always something magical to discover when travelling in Ireland.

Thanks to its compact size, Ireland is an extremely accessible destination for those travelling around. Whether you’re road-tripping, hitchhiking, or backpacking, you’ll enjoy a stress-free trip when making your way around the Emerald Isle.

Particularly if you’re travelling from further afield, the prospect of seeing as much of Ireland in one go is very appealing. Thankfully, seeing the best bits is a very achievable feat if you’re visiting for just a few weeks or a month.

So, if you’re planning to hit the road, these are the best things about travelling in Ireland.

  1. The beaches – beautiful sandy stretches

From the beautiful wild Atlantic coastline of Donegal and Sligo to the sunny southeast of Wexford and Waterford, the breathtaking shores of Cork in the southwest to the unforgettable Causeway Coast in the north, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches in Ireland.

If you’re a fan of dipping your toes in the sand and breathing in the salty sea air, the beaches here are definitely one of the best things about travelling in Ireland.

cave in roscommon

  1. Bustling Irish cities – for a different side of Ireland

From the outside, Ireland is often recognised as a traditional country filled with small towns. However, cities like Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Belfast have seen huge amounts of investment to make them into thriving modern metropolises.

Filled with history and heritage, placed alongside modern restaurants, state-of-the-art visitor attractions, and high street shops, your need to visit the cities while in Ireland.

  1. Quaint Irish towns – get a feel for local life

While the cities are undoubtedly worth visiting, Irish towns are where you’ll get a real feel for local culture and life in Ireland.

With many small towns dotted all around the country, it can be hard to decide where to visit first. Some of our favourites are Westport, Dingle, and Kinsale, to name but a few.

  1. World-renowned tourist attractions – showcasing the country’s rich heritage

With such a rich history and cultural heritage, it may come as no surprise that Ireland is home to a number of world-renowned and award-winning tourist attractions.

From Titanic Belfast to the Guinness Storehouse, the Jameson Whiskey Distillery to the EPIC Irish Emigration Museum, you need to visit at least a couple while you’re here.

  1. Irish music – discover Ireland’s creative side

Whether it’s enjoying a trad session in a local pub, going to a festival, or delving deep into Ireland’s grassroots music scene, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find when it comes to music in Ireland.

With creativity running through the blood of those living in Ireland, you won’t be hard pushed to find live music somewhere.

  1. Historic sites – discover Ireland of the past

Discovering the country’s fascinating history is undoubtedly one of the best things about travelling in Ireland.

Boasting thousands of years of history to uncover, historic sites and monuments can be found around every corner. From places like Newgrange in County Meath and the Giant’s Causeway in County Down to the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, Ireland is full of history.

  1. The accessibility – easy to travel around

While Ireland, overall, may not be as developed as neighbouring countries, such as the UK, the county’s infrastructure has vastly improved in recent years.

With huge investments in roads and transport systems around the country, Ireland is becoming a thriving, modern country, making it easy to travel between destinations.

  1. Irish food and drink – a whole world to discover

The Irish take great pride in their local cuisine and go to great lengths to showcase delicacies such as the Irish stew, boxty, and coddle.

However, it is not only the food you need to try while you’re here. It’s also important to taste Ireland’s favourite beverages, including Guinness and Irish whiskey.

  1. Natural scenery – truly breathtaking

Even though Ireland is small in size, it sure packs a punch when it comes to stunning natural landscapes.

Discover the wonders of Killarney National Park, the Ring of Kerry, the Wild Atlantic Way, and the Causeway Coast. We promise, taking the time to enjoy Ireland’s scenic landscapes will be a transformative experience.

  1. The local culture – one of the best things about travelling in Ireland

No list of things you’ll love about Ireland would be complete without mentioning the locals. Known for their friendly nature and world-renowned hospitality, it is really the locals who make a trip to Ireland as memorable as it should be.

Make sure to get involved in the ‘craic’ when visiting local pubs, dance with the locals, and just have a generally great time!