Turning Holiday Photos into Works of Art

Christmas is now a distant memory and as the envelope of darkness is creeping over us a little later every evening it’s time for many to either book their summer holiday or start getting excited about one already planned. In terms of priority, our phones now rank right up there with passports. Why? To snap all those photos which are going to dominate our social media accounts for months to come. What then though? Will you ever sit and look through those pictures on your phone or laptop or will they be stored to do something with in the future? If this is the case why not turn those treasured photos into works of art? There are numerous ways of doing this and even if you don’t know a wall canvas from a fabric print here’s our guide to preserving those images forever.


Versatile, lightweight and affordable, it’s easy to see why the canvas print is now the number one choice for wall hangings. For eons canvas was only thought of as something used by artists to create masterpieces with paints and brushes, who knew it would lend itself so well to modern printing techniques? A good quality photograph can be easily transferred onto canvas to create a long-lasting nod to a special time in your life. That holiday of a lifetime need never be forgotten if your prized images of the Terracotta Army are reproduced on wall canvases.

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Fabric Print

This very much does what the name suggests; it’s a print on fabric that is then turned into a wall hanging. The special printing technique used makes this more expensive than canvas but an irregular shaped piece of material with an ethnic print of something like an African warrior mask can look stunning when mounted and framed by coloured wood. There are many options available in fabric printing but bear in mind that minute details may be lost and there will likely be colour differences. Despite this, they are still attractive additions to the home.

Framed Photographs

You could be forgiven for thinking that the day of the framed photo has long gone but it’s very much alive and kicking and residing on a wall near you. For some, nothing beats the simple beauty of a photo printed off, popped into a frame and hung on a wall. Photos can be expensive, especially if you want them enlarged more than 30%. and it can distort if the quality of the picture isn’t high enough to sustain the enlargement. Once placed in their frames they do look amazing and tend to have a classic rather than contemporary effect. To many a printed photograph is the only way of showing off their photographic handiwork and a collection on a wall can certainly add an extra aesthetic dimension to a room. The only real downside is the price, and the fact the frames tend to be heavy so you would have to drill your walls to hang them whereas the featherweight canvases can be hung on those pins you get in picture hanging kits.