What you Should Know Before you Visit Saudi Arabia

If you’re planning to visit Saudi Arabia there are a few things you should know. When we visited the country we flew with flyadeal airline and arrived knowing that we were in for an amazing time. Saudi Arabia is an incredibly beautiful country and it is the ideal destination if you’re looking to enjoy a very special time away.

So, without further ado here are a few things you should know before you visit the country:

You will Need a Visa

If you would like to spend time in this vibrant part of the world you will need a visa. The visa will entail you getting a few background checks which include determining the reason for your visit. It can take a while for your visa to arrive so make sure you apply for it well in advance. While you’re waiting for your visa do what we did and plan your time in this amazing part of the world.

You Should be Respectful of the Culture

It doesn’t matter where you travel to it’s important that you respect the culture of the country you’re visiting. When you visit Saudi Arabia you should respect the culture. You may need to dress a little more conservatively than you usually do. You will need to cover your arms and legs and your chest. If you’re a woman you will need to cover your hair.

saudi arabia aerial view

Depending on how you usually dress this may seem quite extreme but remember Saudi Arabia is a hot country. Covering up a little more will help to protect you from the sun and that’s never a bad thing. You can, however, dress as you please while you’re in your hotel room. However, when you’re outside you will have to be more respectful.

You May Need to Refrain From Taking Photographs

While you may be used to taking photographs while you’re on holiday you may not be able to in Saudi Arabia. This is because the government is quite cautious about visitors. This may well mean that you’ll have to be less snap-happy than usual. If you must take photographs try to avoid photographing women, markets, mosques and government buildings.

The locals are very friendly and helpful but you will have to ask permission if you wish to take a photograph of them.

Be Prepared for the Nightlife

In Saudi Arabia, the nightlife is not what many people may expect. There are no cinemas, nightclubs, or anywhere serving alcohol. However, there are dinner parties and many other hosted events. While dinner parties can go on for hours it’s unlikely they will last until the early hours of the morning. If you’re not one to party until the sun comes up you may appreciate the lack of rowdy party-goers.

Saudi Arabia is a wonderful part of the world. While there are differences between the culture and western cultures. However, you can have a holiday of a lifetime just as we did. We booked our flight which was a very pleasant one and spent the duration of our seeing the sights and sounds.