Why You Should Plan Everything Out (from the Smallest Details) Before You Travel

One of the things that takes the most time and effort before traveling is the planning process. There are so many things to plan, yet some of the smaller details often go overlooked, and these can greatly affect your travels. To ensure a smooth process, here’s why you should plan everything out ahead of time.

You’ll know exactly what to expect 

Being prepared will help you know what you’ll be doing step by step. You’ll already have taken every little detail into consideration, and have probably come up with solutions to the worst-case scenario. Lost your luggage? You’re insured. Probable delays and not showing up on time for check-in? You’ve definitely called ahead and warned them about this. Chances of not finding the right allergy medication when you’re on your trip? No problem, you’ve brought extra along. Planning gives room for emergencies and allows you to handle them with ease.

Get the best deals

Planning in advance allows you to get lower prices for pretty much everything. When it comes to flights, booking way in advance makes it cheaper than last minute booking. You’ll find the same applies to excursions, accommodation, and even concerts or fun activities in the destination you’re headed to. There are usually early bird prices that help you get the best deals and also allow you to pay a large portion of your expenses in advance, leaving more for you to spend during your trip. This applies to things as simple as getting to the airport. Why? Because you’ve already checked Seatac Parking rates and have everything under control. You’ve done the research and found the cheapest options. 

When planning every little detail, you’ll also come across transportation deals or attraction deals that can help you save a lot of money and enjoy the same things you would have done anyway at a cheaper cost. 

Allows you to do proper research 

Pre-planning allows you to do proper research, which guarantees that you don’t miss any important aspects. You don’t leave things to chance and just hope that tickets are still available, or that you manage to squeeze an important attraction last minute, but instead, you’ve made sure that you’ll get to go to all the important places and even planned a pretty awesome schedule to fit everything you want to do. 


Planning ahead allows you to be time-efficient. It helps you put together a step by step plan and not waste time when you get there figuring out what you should do, or what transportation to take. This will make you save a lot of time and be able to group attractions together on the same day that are located next to each other. If you hadn’t pre-planned, you might realize later on that the different things you wanted to see could have been done on the same day and saved you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

When you’re planning, you can give yourself the room to fit more things into your schedule that you didn’t know about. You can plan the best days for shopping according to opening times, and go out for dinner once the stores have closed. But the best thing about pre-planning is that you have a thorough idea of what to expect from the city you’re heading to, and exactly what you’ll be doing without having to waste time and energy figuring it out when you get there.