Wonders of Thailand

Wonders of Thailand

For the perfect combination of sun, sea and adventure, you cannot get much better than Thailand. Flights to Thailand are affordable, and with a tropical climate, stunning scenery and a relaxed and easygoing vibe, Thailand offers the chance to do as much or as little as you please, keep your eyes open and surf the net and you can be heading off to the sunshine before you know it.

Thailand is divided into five regions, so bear in mind where you want to travel when booking flights to Thailand. In the North, Chiang Mai is the major hub and an excellent base from which to explore. Known as the “Rose of the North”, it is a diverse and welcoming city where historical Thailand and modern culture coexist. Attractions for tourists include ancient temples, cookery and massage schools, shopping in boutique stores, and a variety of vibrant festivals and cultural shows.

wonders of thailand

The natural scenery in the area is lush and unspoiled, with green forests, rugged mountains, and glistening streams and waterfalls. Activities include visits to hill tribes, hill walking, elephant trekking, cycling, motor biking and bamboo river rafting, with many shorter and longer excursions available from Chiang Mai.

The North East has fewer tourists than the North but boasts many attractions, especially for those that like to venture off the beaten track. Mukdahan, known as the “Gateway to Indochina” has a beautiful location overlooking the Mekong River. Also on the Mekong, the town of Nong Khai borders Laos and features beautiful agricultural countryside alongside temples, exquisite silk production and the famous naga fireballs event.

In the Central region is the wonderful, dynamic metropolis of Bangkok, with its myriad of tourist attractions and vibrant nightlife. Known as the “City of the Angels”, Bangkok offers everything from tranquil ferry rides, wandering around ancient temples including the Grand Palace and experiencing Thai massage to shopping in the numerous modern malls and checking out the night markets.

Other attractions in the North East include Ubon Ratchathani, with the beautiful, lush green National Parks of Phu Chong Nayoi and Pha Taem, and Surin, known for its elephant handlers, jasmine rice production and silk weaving, with the Surin Elephant Round Up in November a popular event amongst both locals and tourists.

In the South are the islands and beautiful coastal scenery for which Thailand is well known. From the stunning turquoise waters of idyllic Ko Phi Phi to bustling Phuket and from popular Ko Samui to the long, quiet stretches of beach in Ko Lanta, there are endless opportunities for swimming and snorkelling. The small island of Ko Tao is particularly well known for scuba diving, while nearby Ko Pha Ngan