Comfort & Style at the Casa Prado Suites Hotel in La Paz, Bolivia

Nuestra Señora de La Paz, or quite simply “La Paz”, is a city home to Bolivia’s government, and is the world’s highest administrative capital at a whopping 3,650 metres above sea level. Enclosed by the magnificent Altiplano mountain range, many travellers come to admire the city’s beauty via the flat plains located in the city of El Alto. Upon arrival, you notice buildings at the frame of a great canyon, and upon greater inspection, you find the alleyways to be thriving with markets, the streets to behold museums and cafés of every kind. The de facto area of the city is thriving with commercial businesses and although La Paz is the third largest city in Bolivia; it is the country’s capital for commerce. With a subtropical climate that is somewhat oceanic, temperatures have rarely (if ever) reached beyond 10 degrees Celsius, so come prepared people! The city is also home to several colonial cathedrals and universities that are worth checking out, and countless cultural centres and museums to complement its rich history. Notable centres include Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Mercado de Brujas, or the famous “Witches Market”, and the Presidential Palace, or “Burned Palace”. Located in central downtown La Paz, in a beautiful Renaissance style white building, is Casa Prado Suites Hotel and this is where we decided to spend our very first night in the city. The location could not be more perfect and we highly recommend this place because of this factor alone, as it proved to be incredibly convenient during our stay. Casa Prado Suites Hotel Having said this, its location is not all that this hotel has got going for it. The service was impeccable – we were warmly greeted by Fabian, who welcomed us at an incredibly early hour as we had just disembarked off a night bus from Potosi. Our room was not ready due to the hour we arrived, yet Fabian allowed us to check in and relax in another room as we waited which enabled us to catch up on some much needed sleep. Casa Prado Suites Hotel (8) Casa Prado Suites Hotel The place has a very homely feel to it, with carpeted floors, wooden beaming and lovely little additions such as a typewriter, old fashioned radio and record player. The bedrooms, couches and the living area were all squeaky clean and cosy at large, and were such a nice treat after our lengthy travel stint. The windows are very big, meaning there is wonderful natural light that pours into the hotel. Casa Prado Suites Hotel With high speed free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, luggage storage, a restaurant, room service and a shuttle bus service, we had everything we needed in terms of facilities. As for food, the breakfast was great with good coffee, and a delicious selection of foods from an extensive menu. You can access the coffee bar day and night too, which is wonderful, and the restaurant provides a tasty, and reasonably priced a lá carte menu. Casa Prado Suites Hotel To get a better feel for the hotel, check out their reviews on Tripadvisor. You’ll find many had a similar experience to ours as they mention the friendly staff, contentment in location and overall comfort. It’ll mean the world to you to have such niceties available to you, especially in such a cold climate and definitely, if like us, you have travelled half a day via Potosi to get to the beautiful city of La Paz!