P&Q Ventures

P&O is an established brand that’s been making waves in the maritime industry for decades. For over 170 years, in fact. So it’s no surprise that if you choose P&O Cruises for your next holiday, you can look forward to a scintillating escape that’s packed with fantastic destinations, must-see ports of call and a superb range of onboard facilities.

P&Q Ventures


Take a look at the Ventura for instance, one of P&O Cruises’ largest signature ships. This gleaming vessel is vast – it boasts 14 passenger desks and weighs in at over 115,000 tons. As one of the best in the P&O fleet you can expect first-rate amenities and plenty of little luxuries, with plenty of things to see and do ranging from sports courts and fitness facilities to pools, bars and high-octane performances.

If you want to burn off last night’s delicious dessert, head to the onboard gym which comes with ocean views, or try a few ‘laps’ of the pool, swimming against vigorous water jets. Finish it off with a Pilates class or reach total relaxation with a session of yoga. Afterwards, reward yourself with a trip to the onboard spa where you can unwind and thoroughly relax with a treatment or two, perhaps a deep-tissue massage or a much-needed foot rub.

If that all sounds a little too energetic, the Ventura serves up many laid-back activities to inspire your inner culture vulture. Delve into modern art with one of the ship’s ‘Tate Talks’, take on a creative workshop, or enjoy a themed coffee morning.

All this, and that’s even before we’ve mentioned where the Ventura can take you. Head to the Caribbean and soak up the sights and sounds of this beautiful corner of the world. Explore European gems like Norway, or head to warmer climes in the Mediterranean. Whatever tickles your fancy, a whole world of adventure – with P&O’s Ventura – awaits.