How to be Productive When your Office is a Beach

If you are lucky enough to work from wherever you please you may have worked in a number of locations. Perhaps you’ve had the chance to work from home, from your garden or even a hotel or caravan. Some people even have home office furniture – Furniture at Work. Every location that you work from has the potential to be somewhat distracting. But how can you remain productive when your office is a beach? If you have the right mindset you can work quite effectively from the sandy shore. Here’s how:

Give Yourself Time to Enjoy the Beach

One of the best things to do before you even think about starting work is to give yourself time to enjoy the beach. Take a slow walk along the beach, dip your toes in the water and enjoy listening to the waves as they break on the shore. When you allow yourself time to enjoy all that the beach has to offer you’re less likely to become distracted.

When the time comes for you to enjoy a coffee break or your lunch get up from your beachside office and go for a stroll. Take at least 5 minutes to enjoy the beach, stretch your legs, breath in the salty air and relax.

Obscure your View

To resist the temptation to look out over the beach you may wish to obscure your view. Use a windbreak to prevent you from seeing the shoreline. Put up some sort of barrier so you cannot gaze out easily. If you cannot see the sea you’re less likely to be distracted by it.

If you don’t have a windbreak or anything physical to distract you from the scenery try not to face the beach. Work from another position so the beach is to your left or right. Make it hard to see the beach if it helps you stay productive.

Obscuring your view will also help to prevent distractions, allowing you to get on with the work in hand.

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Set Work Goals

If you need to be productive you need to set yourself goals. Set the same goals that you would ordinarily set yourself if you were working from an office. Your location may have changed but you still need to get the work done. Setting goals will help you to focus, and focusing allows you to get more work done.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself once you have completed your work or reached a milestone will keep you motivated. Let’s imagine you’ve completed all of the morning’s work a little earlier than expected. You could reward yourself by setting your computer to one side and looking out over the beach. Get up, spend a few minutes walking around or simply enjoying the scenery.

It is entirely possible for you to be productive when your office is the beach. Use the above tips to help you get your work done. Once you’ve completed your work for the day you’ll have the chance to explore and enjoy the beach as much as you wish.