Our Recent Stay at the Posada Portones de Carrasco in Montevideo, Uruguay

We recently enjoyed a magnificent four days in Montevideo, Uruguay. The city was really atmospheric and buzzing but was also really chilled and had a relaxed vibe to it. Our four days in Montevideo saw us partake in one of the organised walking tours of the city and we also took time out to visit the museum that is dedicated to the plane crash that took place in the 1970’s in the Andes mountains.

Posada Portones de Carrasco (14)

The film ‘Alive’ is based on the events that took place after this plane crash and for those of you that plan to go to Montevideo, visiting this museum is a must. We found it to be extremely informative and the guide was super interesting.

Posada Portones de Carrasco (28) Posada Portones de Carrasco (14)

For those of you that know us personally or follow our blog, you’ll know that we love to stay in unique and quirky accommodations. We found exactly what we wanted while in Montevideo and enjoyed two nights at the beautiful Posada Portones de Carrasco.

Run by a lovely welcoming lady called Mercedes and her family, this guesthouse is something special. Its style and décor transports you to another world, and once inside the gates we felt as if we had left Uruguay and were entering a grand Manor House in the English countryside.

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The wood and thatched roof finish gives the exterior of the house a warm and welcoming feeling, and the inside of the house reiterates these feelings of warmth and comfort.

The weather in Montevideo was considerably colder than we have experienced since leaving Ireland and the sight of a big open fireplace made us both smile.

It’s amazing the joy that can be obtained from an open fire when the body temperature is a little cooler than normal! The smell of the burning wood on the fire encapsulated some cool childhood memories for me and transported me right back to my dad’s home place in the Italian countryside.

Posada Portones de Carrasco (14)

The large comfy couches in the living room coupled with the familiar smell of the burning wood made us feel right at home. Our room was beautifully designed with antique furniture and had lots of character to it – it also had everything that we needed to be comfortable during our stay.

Each room in the house is different; some have balconies and some don’t, some are large and airy while others are smaller and more intimate. Guests can choose from double rooms, dorm beds or a full house that comes with an equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Posada Portones de Carrasco (14)

We didn’t get to see all of the rooms as they were occupied but I’m sure they were just as restful and pleasantly designed as ours was.

Guests are given access to a fully equipped kitchen, a large chill out living room area with large splendid book shelves, a speedy Wi-Fi connection, a delicious breakfast and a computer in the common area that can be used free of charge.

The old style décor throughout the entire house gave off a very unique and rustic feel, which cannot be experienced in a regular mundane hotel. The property itself is set on a large area of land, and its big garden is a haven for sitting back and relaxing in. It was so nice to have peace and quiet at night-time considering we were in a big city, and being woken up by the birds in the morning was the perfect alarm call.

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The location of the guesthouse is ideal for those that want some peace and quiet time. It’s in a nice residential area of Carrasco and is very close to the airport. It’s a very safe, peaceful neighbourhood and some of the houses in the area, including the one we stayed in, are just stunning. A number of them have the modern/urban look to them, while others have that old fashioned style which really provides a cool disparity.

Posada Portones de Carrasco (14)

For a stay with a difference in Montevideo, Uruguay, you must check out the unique guesthouse that is Posada Portones de Carrasco.