The Bucket List


bucket list bucket list

A bucket list is best described as a list of all the things you want to do, places to see, experience or accomplish before you expire from this earth.

It gets its name from a deviation of the term “kick the bucket” and can also be called a “life to-do list”.

There is also a hollywood film called – wait for it – “The Bucket List”! which stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In the film they leap from planes, drive race cars, eat caviar, motorcycle on the Great Wall of China, and trot by other wonders of the world before they “kick the bucket.”

Now, while I have no intention of jumping out of planes, I do have some other ambitions/challenges which for me, form my own personal “do before I reach 101 years of age” list! As the goals become achieved I’ll cross them out and I’ll add new ones as they come up.

In no particular order:

  1. Travel to South America
  2. Learn enough Italian to be able to hold a conversation and get by
  3. Climb to Everest base camp
  4. Travel on the trans-Siberian express train
  5. Create a dedicated travel blog
  6. Get 100 RSS subscribers to my blog
  7. Get 1000 RSS subscribers to my blog
  8. Get 100 Email subscribers to my blog
  9. Learn how to swim properly
  10. Visit Asia
  11. Bench press 150kg for 6 reps
  12. Win a 4 figure score in a poker tournament
  13. Win a 6 figure score in a poker tournament
  14. Eat the bugs/insects found in street stalls in Asia! See post here!
  15. Write an Ebook
  16. Visit Machu Picchu
  17. Visit Egypt
  18. Visit Cairo
  19. Vist the great pyramids of Giza
  20. Visit Christ the Redeemer (the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio, Brazil)
  21. Visit the Amazon rainforest
  22. Stay in the Amazon for at least 1 day
  23. Visit the outback in Australia See blog post here!
  24. Complete a Sleep out for homeless charity. See post here
  25. Train in the gym for 60 consecutive days (best so far is 26 days)
  26. Visit the Great wall of China
  27. Attend an Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
  28. Travel to India
  29. Travel to Laos here
  30. Travel to Vietnam here
  31. Create a poker business
  32. Visit all 7 continents
  33. Touch type 70 wpm
  34. Travel to 20 different countries
  35. Travel to 50 different countries
  36. 1000 followers on twitter
  37. 5000 followers on twitter
  38. 10000 followers on twitter
  39. Volunteer in Africa
  40. Invent something
  41. Visit Death Valley, Nevada
  42. Make a documentary short film
  43. See the northern lights
  44. Live in Las Vegas for 3 months and survive by working online
  45. Have a class re-union with my degree year mates from Sligo
  46. Visit Dallas
  47. Run a marathon
  48. Leg press 500kg for 5 reps (personal best is 450kg for 5 reps)
  49. Meet Maradona
  50. Go to a Fifa World Cup game
  51. Attend a full moon party! See blog post here!
  52. Visit Maya Bay, Thailand (The Beach)
  53. Teach English as a foreign language
  54. Live in S.E Asia
  55. Create an online business and generate €1,000 from it
  56. Be an extra in a Tv Show/Hollywood movie
  57. Work online from a beach in Thailand (Goal for 2013)
  58. Get back training in the gym after back injury(mini goal for 2013)
  59. Create a travel blog
  60. Visit Ankor Wat in Cambodia
  61. Visit the Killing fields (Cambodian genocide)
  62. Visit Auschwitz concentration (Holocaust)
  63. Vist genocide memorial in Kigali, Rwanda
  64. Sell a photograph
  65. Generate enough income from online streams to become Location Independent
  66. Earn my first sponsored post on this blog
  67. Learn on-Site SEO techniques
  68. Become a freelance writer and get paid

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So do you have a bucket list? Let me know what you think of mine!