The Long Road Ahead

It’s been only a little over six weeks since we moved out here to Thailand, but it seems like a lot longer for some reason.

long road ahead

With no long term itinerary set in stone, we’ve been debating the past few weeks over where we want to visit and travel to in the months ahead.

Spain Next April For Definite

Regardless of where we are, we’ll be flying to Lanzarote in April for a mates wedding. I’m on duty as a groomsman, so it’s the only thing that we’ve pencilled in for sure.

So, while we going to be in Spain we figure we’ll head back home for a month and then maybe head to South America, specifically Brazil for the World Cup in June next year. I applied for tickets for the group stages online, so we won’t know if we’ve got them before November 10th or something like that.

If we are successful then we’ll definitely book our flights to Rio and figure things out over there when the time comes.

In the meantime, we’re here in our cool 1 bedroom condo which is located about 5 mins from Phuket town, and a good 20 mins away from Patong! We have settled into it nicely and are working full steam ahead on our online projects.

Working From a Beach In Thailand

Last week I was able to get a small bit of work done from a beach here, which was one of the items on my bucket list . A pretty cool moment for me, as it’s something that I’ve been working towards for the past 12+ months.

beach in thailand

So, we have this condo rented for three months which will end on November 15th. We then plan on moving up to Chiang Mai, which is in Northern Thailand. The plan is to either stay there for the Christmas period or travel to China for a short stint. Or possible even hit Nam. The truth is, we have no idea where we will end up!

Undecided On The NextStop

We really have nothing figured out, and it’s cool to be in the position of not having to figure anything out as we don’t have a set timeframe(apart from Lanzarote next April).

I think that’s the beauty of having a laptop lifestyle. You don’t have to keep to the one spot if you don’t want to. The only necessity is having an internet connection so that work gets done.

Speaking of the online business, things are going very well on that front. I’m just at the end of my first month in a new advertising project that I’m part of. The freelance writing is still moving forward, and I plan on bagging a few more clients to push the monthly figures up that bit more in the coming months.

I’ve set myself a goal of making a minimum of €4,000 per month online by the end of the year. If things go according to plan, then that will definitely be achievable.

There’s been a lot of blogging done over the past few weeks. Between the different sites that I manage, I’m blogging more or less every day. Nothing wrong with that either.

I’m well acquainted with long hours in front of the laptop. It’s all par for the course these days. Florence is slowly adapting to the laptop lifestyle as well – quicker than I thought actually.

So, the long road ahead isn’t meant to be a negative title or anything like that. Its serving as a kind of a rough map of where we aim to get to in the foreseeable future.

I’ve only 22 countries on the travel map, and it’s my 35th birthday next month, so I want to start add to it significantly by the time number 36 comes around.

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